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  1. Yup! That's the one!! BTW wasn't Stargroves owned by Mick Jagger?? (or is my memory failing me??)
  2. Too posh for Bron for sure - and add to that the fact that Bonzo and JPJ didn't go to Bron with Pagey and Robert. There are pics/footage from Bron, but I don't recall ever having seen anything shot inside the cottage - as was the question.
  3. Right on!! It's most definitely NOT Jeff Beck
  4. I believe the first one is from Stargroves (anybody?), and since Bonzo and JPJ weren't present at Bron, the second one is ruled out
  5. I think it's the "Zoso" pendant
  6. It blows me away, how much you know Steve!
  7. So I missed everybody's birthday, being totally oblivious to the existence of this thread!! Sorry! :'( EVERYBODY
  8. Great!! I just found out I don't have an Euro sign on my keyboard I was going to say that "sign" means euro which is about $1,27 or £0,80
  9. I know this is an old post. However having read all the comments on this image, some of them claiming the location to be in Denmark, I as a native Dane, feel like posting a comment. The yellow brick house in the background was a type of house that was very common in Denmark at the time. In fact if you go to any neighbourhood in Denmark that originates from that time you'll find several houses with that sort of architecture. The lamp posts however I have never seen in Denmark - ever! Also this appears to be a small house. And it would be very unusual in Denmark to paint parking booths in front of a small building. I have never seen that done anywhere. The license plate on the car is hard to make out, but they where black and white in Denmark back then. I'm not saying this is, or is not taken in Denmark, I'm just providing some facts
  10. I would so love to own the complete Crowley collection. I read a few of his books - the guy was really quite clever
  11. Upon us all a little rain must fall....

  12. I like them all, some I love more than others, but there's really none that I don't like
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