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  1. Top Notch

    the Sopranos

    The show ruined me for ever eating at an Italian meat market/deli ever again. In my mind every single hero sub is now tainted with human DNA.
  2. Type-O, I hope you don't mind if I print this post and use at as a reference. This is as good of an explanation of media bias as I have ever read. Good job!
  3. Have you EVER seen anyone challenged at polling station? Exactly how would you challenge someone suspected of being illegal? It can't be done and nobody but nobody would have the cajones to even ask the question? Btw, what does an illegal alien look like? I suspect if you even asked the question and got it wrong you could be personally sued in civil court for defamation or something. Currently the only way to challenge a voter would be if you could prove that you observed them enter the country by illegal means (climbing a fence or smuggled in a shipping crate). And then beyond that prove that you saw them go straight to a polling place without first obtaining legal citizenship. Obviously that part of our system is broken and even Jimmy Carter the great liberal is in favor of some form of voter ID laws in order to maintain some form of confidence in our election process. I for one don't believe that this last election was decided by illegal votes. However one has to question the real reasons for the opposition to voter ID laws? With states like California now issuing drivers licences to illegal aliens, it will become much more difficult over time to prevent a flood of unauthorized voters in our elections.
  4. Wow, this place even has "Random Thought Police". Man, you guys here are so AWESOME!!! Random Thought: Every person is special in their own way.
  5. I woke up this morning and it's a beautiful day outside. I made some coffee and sat on the porch watching the birds feeding on some worms. I'm glad I'm not a worm. Slithering in the cold damp earth, living in darkness and being eaten by evil birds. I love sitting on my porch and watching the world outside. Because on my porch I have a front row seat for the coming global apocalypse. Worms can never appreciate the finer points of impending doom... or a good cup of coffee.
  6. You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity - Bullet Tooth Tony
  7. There were dozens of examples of how the Obama camp used offensive language and got away with it. For example the whole "war on women" by the Obama side against Romney. As if Republicans were Taliban shooting women in the head for trying to visit a doctor or getting an education. There is NO war on women by Republicans! Not unless "war" is defined by encouraging PERSONAL responsibility. And what about Biden's overtly racist remarks about Romney "puttin' ya'll [speaking to a mostly black audience] back in chains." The mainstream media gave Biden a complete pass on that one. It's as if a liberal can say or do anything, but if the same or similar is done by a conservative, all liberal whiny hell is going to break out. No wonder half of the country looks at liberals like they are like children. Romney's 47% comment was not offensive unless someone saw themself as a taker. Romney's 47% was true; nearly half of this country now sees government as the answer to their personal comfort. All Romney was saying is that he was not going to get those people's vote anyway, he was correct. For the 47% (actually higher based on this last election) to EVER see conservative principles as an answer; it would take a complete generational change in perspective. It would require Americans to get back to the values of their grandparents. An acceptence of the fact that pesonal responsibilty coupled with LIBERTY and a government that does not stand in your way is the very best America can offer. Until Americans decide that government is not the answer, they will continue to flock to the party that promises them stuff that they didn't earn on their own. Or as another once's called it, "the soft bigotry of low expectations."
  8. I just heard today that Bill Clinton might become the next secretary of state. Anybody else hear this?
  9. I think this is a great post and I hope it can get the discussion back on track. For all here it is probably better for people to read discussions and opinions voiced by the Americans from both camps who voted, and not from the peanut gallery just wanting to get their two cents in on what occured over here. I believe the numbers show that both parties did a good job of getting out the vote. Americans in many locations stood in line for hours to exercise their right to vote, and nobody believes that is a bad thing. In the greatest democracy in the world, how we transfer power has to be an example of how much we value our liberty. In this election I'm not convinced that Obama was elected on the basis of his record. Obama's approval percentage was lower than any incumbent president I can recall. It would appear that in the case of the Republican party they got all the votes they could get, but were not able to get enough of the minority (especially hispanic) votes that they need to get in order to tip the scale. G.W. Bush at one point got 44% of the hispanic vote and that was huge for a Republican. In terms of minority votes, Romney was beaten at a ratio by Obama about 4 to 1. No Republican will ever win again with those kinds of numbers tilted away from getting the hispanic/latino vote. The question going forward is how to do that. Immigration reform is the key to that. I believe that on message the Republicans could draw more black and latino votes in regard to shared values. I believe that hispanics especially benefit from policies that Republicans champion like less regulation on business, less emphasis on policies that limit agricultural expansion and trade. I don't think anyone can say that hispanics are not interested in hard work and doing jobs that many Americans no longer seem interested in. As Governer of Texas G.W. Bush not only proved that he championed agriculture, but at the same time he was soft on hard line anti immigration policies that hurts hispanic families. Romney foolishly allowed himself to be bullied into coming off hard line on that point during the nomination process. It may have come around to be one of the biggest reasons he could not overcome the 4:1 minority numbers I mentioned. I voted for Romney because I disagreed with the Obama healthcare reform that took over one sixth of our economy. I see that as bad for business, and causes far too much uncertaintly going forward. I believe that the market needs to figure out these issues through more competition and less regulation. On social issues I didn't see the "real" Romney as much different than Obama anyway. Romney was also not very passionate in his delivery. He never seemed to have any fire in his belly. Not sure if that is just the polite way that Mormons are, as most Mormons I have known are the same way. But it did not come off as inspiritional. Going forward if Obama does not break with his far left base and move more to the center the same way Clinton did in his second term. Then all we can expect is more gridlock and few results. Neither party seems to have a clear mandate after this election. Both sides would be wise to find midddle ground. Just that alone would have a monumental affect on the financial markets in my opinion. If business sees some bright spot in the near future; millions of people and businesses who are sitting on billions of dollars in capital will begin to improve the economy. But we MUST get our debt under control. I suspect the Republican will allow for some revenue increases in exchange for meaningful goverment fiscal reform. Americans can solve this. We can solve anything.
  10. As opposed to the smug self-assured over confident Neville Chamberlain type smile of Obama.
  11. Well, maybe I just misunderstood what you meant by saying how thankful the world was that Americans picked the guy you liked. Apology accepted.
  12. I'm sure you are probably not aware of this, especially since it wasn't posted on your facebook page. But the ridiculous mortgage practices you speak of were policies put in place by Democrats (Obama's party) while they had power in Congress. It was those backwards thinking Republicans who thought that granting government backed home mortgages to poor/minority people with no real ability to pay them back was a bad idea.
  13. So you are basically saying that the Americans who exercised their constitutional right to vote, picked Obama just to make the rest of the world happy? That Democrats were somehow influenced by the pro-Obama and anti-Romney comments ON YOUR FACEBOOK WALL. Do you have any idea how offensive and silly that sounds to ALL Americans regardless of which party they support? Not that it really matters, but how exactly in your opinion would Romney have been a "backwards choice"? Would he have returned us to the days of silly kings and queens telling us what to do? How exactly has our President disrespected the UK? This is news to me, because I've heard him say many glowing things about the UK. Is there something specific that he did to upset you? Thank you Captain obvious!
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