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  1. The show ruined me for ever eating at an Italian meat market/deli ever again. In my mind every single hero sub is now tainted with human DNA.
  2. Type-O, I hope you don't mind if I print this post and use at as a reference. This is as good of an explanation of media bias as I have ever read. Good job!
  3. Have you EVER seen anyone challenged at polling station? Exactly how would you challenge someone suspected of being illegal? It can't be done and nobody but nobody would have the cajones to even ask the question? Btw, what does an illegal alien look like? I suspect if you even asked the question and got it wrong you could be personally sued in civil court for defamation or something. Currently the only way to challenge a voter would be if you could prove that you observed them enter the country by illegal means (climbing a fence or smuggled in a shipping crate). And then beyond that pro
  4. You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity - Bullet Tooth Tony
  5. There were dozens of examples of how the Obama camp used offensive language and got away with it. For example the whole "war on women" by the Obama side against Romney. As if Republicans were Taliban shooting women in the head for trying to visit a doctor or getting an education. There is NO war on women by Republicans! Not unless "war" is defined by encouraging PERSONAL responsibility. And what about Biden's overtly racist remarks about Romney "puttin' ya'll [speaking to a mostly black audience] back in chains." The mainstream media gave Biden a complete pass on that one. It's as if a
  6. I just heard today that Bill Clinton might become the next secretary of state. Anybody else hear this?
  7. I think this is a great post and I hope it can get the discussion back on track. For all here it is probably better for people to read discussions and opinions voiced by the Americans from both camps who voted, and not from the peanut gallery just wanting to get their two cents in on what occured over here. I believe the numbers show that both parties did a good job of getting out the vote. Americans in many locations stood in line for hours to exercise their right to vote, and nobody believes that is a bad thing. In the greatest democracy in the world, how we transfer power has to be an
  8. As opposed to the smug self-assured over confident Neville Chamberlain type smile of Obama.
  9. Well, maybe I just misunderstood what you meant by saying how thankful the world was that Americans picked the guy you liked. Apology accepted.
  10. I'm sure you are probably not aware of this, especially since it wasn't posted on your facebook page. But the ridiculous mortgage practices you speak of were policies put in place by Democrats (Obama's party) while they had power in Congress. It was those backwards thinking Republicans who thought that granting government backed home mortgages to poor/minority people with no real ability to pay them back was a bad idea.
  11. So you are basically saying that the Americans who exercised their constitutional right to vote, picked Obama just to make the rest of the world happy? That Democrats were somehow influenced by the pro-Obama and anti-Romney comments ON YOUR FACEBOOK WALL. Do you have any idea how offensive and silly that sounds to ALL Americans regardless of which party they support? Not that it really matters, but how exactly in your opinion would Romney have been a "backwards choice"? Would he have returned us to the days of silly kings and queens telling us what to do? How exactly has our P
  12. Romney lost because he got it wrong when he said that 47% of Americans who are on the dole from the government would not vote for him anyway. Romney was wrong because his numbers were wrong, the numbers of takers is much higher now. Obama has effectively over the last 4 years gotten more people on the dole, or convinced more people that they will be better off if they get on the dole. In another 4 years America will be just as screwed up as Europe. After the next economic meltdown I could see Americans marching in the streets and crying just like they do in Greece, Spain, France and Engla
  13. Maybe yoga just needs a new PR campaign. Add another body and some kamasutra type fun and I'm in. Get fit doing that!
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