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  1. Hey all, first post here. Thanks for sharing. I love to read your stories so keep them coming. Isn't it amazing which kind of impromptu impact the music had and still has on so many people? Actually my story is insofar not that different to most of yours. I already apologise for probably being a bit lengthy... :-) I was born in 1967. I discovered my first bits of music via a friend of the family who came from Pakistan and who introduced me into indian music when I was just about 7 years old. I still enjoy indian music to this day. In 1977 Elvis died. My dad loved his music and one rainy sunday in october he invited me to join him for the "Aloha from Hawaii"-show on TV. Within a few songs I developed a love for that blues, r&b and rock`n roll and I decided I wanted more of that. Not necessarily Elvis but that sort of music in general. So I asked my parents to buy me a radio. I got one, it had a tape player included and my dad gave me some tapes and showed me how to record from the radio. I quickly tuned into the local FM station and started to listen to all kinds music from Village People via Kate Bush to Frank Zappa and way beyond. I had no prejudices and tried absolutely everything. I still do. In February 1978 I heard my first LZ track which was Stairway. Although I was just 10 years old, didn't understand one english word and was still quite inexperienced in music I immediately knew this was very special. And I instinctively KNEW this band had much more to offer. The quality of that song just told me. What irritated me was that the local radio station wouldn't play any other song from Led Zeppelin. They made it look like this was a so called "one hit wonder". But I just KNEW it wasn't. The radio station was quite ignorant of the band to say the least. So for the next 7 years that was the only song I knew. I grew up on the countryside, no record stores around. But the curiosity and desire to hear more from this band never ceased. Fast forward to 1985 and Life Aid. I was 17. It was rumored there would be a Zeppelin reunion. And guess what, from all the great people that would show up at this 24 hour concert it was THIS I was interested in the most. So I waited patiently (actually I almost didn't dare to go to the bathroom because I was so scared I could miss it... ;-)). It took about 12 hours, but then they came onstage. I sat in front of the TV, watched them playing Rock`n Roll and instantly decided I had to have all their albums. It was a simple as that. It felt like a revelation. Call it enlightenment. I was familiar to rock and hard rock meanwhile but never ever did anything sound like THIS. I remember thinking: Wow, this is how music should be played! Incredible excitement, goose pimples included. I sort of exploded. Woah! I then started to buy the albums and as I knew I would get them all anyway I decided to do it properly: I started with LZ 1 and went on chronologically. I did it slowly, one album per month or so. What can I say. I was completely overwhelmed. The quality and the diversity of the material both knocked me off. There were songs for each mood you could be in. And I still remember my feelings, my excitement, the pure joy, laughing, crying, all kinds of emotions when listening to certain songs for the first time. Sometimes almost being scared to death because of the intensity as I wasn't used to this. I realised music could be so much more. Remember that words from HOTH "Let the music be your master, will you hear the masters call?" I did. I gradually learned to slip into the music, let go and totally melt into it. It was (and still is) pretty much like having sex. I never knew any other band that could provoke such a feeling. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to discover it. Led Zeppelin will always have a very special place in my heart. When I see these guys nowadays I instantly hear music. Give me the name of a band member and I hear music. Not a certain song but the feeling of music. Like it is pouring out of their skin. They don't even have to play a note. (Well, of course I prefer them to play MANY notes....;-) I still listen to their music every now and then and always enjoy it. And they also gave us tremendous live music which is sometimes - or more often - even better than the studio versions. So with all the additional live material that's around it definitely never ever gets boring. Do I have a favorite song? No chance. They are all beloved members of the `family`.
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