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  1. ORLY? So that's why you trolled the shit out of Strider last year, accusing him of bullshitting about having seen LZ many times? For which you were justifiably banned...and you then spent weeks sucking mod cock to get back on, like the pathetic, no-life addict you are? Not content with that, you went on to tell Strider, and later post here, that I had egged you on - whereas in truth, the idea was yours, and yours alone, as evidenced by a series of emails I fwded to Strider recently, in order to exonerate myself - and which, incidentally, I'm happy to fwd to Sam, in the hope that he will fin
  2. Good post. And I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. There has been some really nasty talk in this thread since the Reptilians lost, much of it coming from LedZepFan77. I'm actually surprised he's allowed to get away with some of the things he's said, but hey, that's the Mods' job. I don't really understand what their beef is. 'They're all right, Jack' - they'll be able to continue living high on the hog for the next 4 years, although possibly with a little less net pay in their pocket...so why do they even care that Obama's gonna be helping out the disadvantaged for another 4 years, enabli
  3. I have a CD called 'Whole Lotta Zep', made in 1992, which has 8 songs from Vancouver 70, + a final song listed as 'Stormy Blues' - which is actually 'Operator', feat. Plant & Alexis Korner. That's a pretty rootsy, 'underground' blues thing. Could it be this?
  4. Uh, what's up with them Swamp Thangs down in Florida? Don't they each 'rithmetic down there? Or are they still trying to figure out a way to fix it for the Reptilians to win, like in 2004? Wake up, fuckheads: YOU LOST ALREADY.
  5. Wonderful post up there, Strider. Here's a thought. Would it not be possible to partitiion the USA, so that all the knuckle-dragging, self-interested bigots could inhabit their own territory, and revert to the Law Of The Jungle/Survival Of The Fittest ethos they espouse?
  6. Phew! And so, the world can sleep safely & soundly again. After failing so miserably against the most unpopular president in living memory, it looks like the GOP's rendered itself unelectable for the foreseeable future. They should all just quit now, and disband the party. In view of some of the obscene & offensive rhetoric spouted by Romney & his lackeys, everyone who voted Reptilian should take a damn good look at themselves, and hang their heads in shame. God bless America - well, 53% of it...
  7. Ferrari 308 GTB E Type Jag 1968 Mustang convertible Lamborghini Miura Clown car Yes, I have a very small penis.
  8. I thought everybody knew 'why'....but...why??? A better question would be why they dropped it from two 1980 shows, including the very last ever Led Zeppelin performance.
  9. This month's Classic Rock mag says: 'EVH's life was saved by recent emergency surgery for a severe case of diverticulitis. The 57 yr old is expected to make a full recovery, but all VH's future dates are now postponed until 2013.' Apparently, diverticulitis is a colonic complaint: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diverticulitis Ouch.
  10. That actually looks like an excellent product to me - great value, and no sign at all of candles or hydrogen peroxide. I'm tempted to buy one for my wife, who suffers from excessive ear-wax, especially when she's menstruating. Her birthday's coming up soon, and according to my calculations the decorators should be visiting around then. But I don't know if they can ship internationally in time...?
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