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  1. Immigrant Song, Good Times Bad Times, Walter's Walk, Fool In The Rain, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Bonzo's Montreux, The Wanton Song, Misty Mountain Hop. And the most obvious ones: Moby Dick & When The Levee Breaks. Those are the primary ones that come to my mind.
  2. I remember hearing that Achilles' Last Stand had a total of 12 guitar tracks, which was the record for Page (the magic of heroine, right?) . Ten Years Gone definitely has some pretty awesome layering, but I don't think it was quite 14 tracks. Anyways, the 'Army of Guitars' thing makes me think of something Page said about the very opening to Black Dog, with the weird Tape-ish effect whirling around before the vocals start. He referred to this as him "Waking up the army of guitars" or something along those lines. Still not sure exactly how he gets that sound though.
  3. that scene makes me nauseous for SO many different reasons.
  4. "I'll meet you up there where the path runs straight and high," - Robert Plant My Grad Quote.
  5. I love Bowie. I would kill to see a big collaboration between him and Page - I think it would be pretty fascinating. Interestingly; it is alleged that Bowie actually learned the main chord progression for 'Space Oddity' (including the Fmaj7) from Page during a session. He 'stole' it and pretended it was his - harmlessly of course. Also, Page is actually quite a fan of Bowie (and vice versa I think...).
  6. Nobody beats Jimmy for me. He doesn't just play like a god - he moves like one too.
  7. Not sure why you'd want IMTOD to fade out! That studio chatter is priceless!
  8. My Time Is Gonna Come

  9. Happy Birthday Jimmy!

  10. Correct. To play Ramble On properly is no easy task. It involves a lot of quick chord jumps and constant powerful alternate strumming. It took me a LONG time before I could play it confidently, and it can still break me into a sweat (if its on a high-action acoustic)! Yeah man, I know what you mean. But once you CAN do the octave jumps - it is so ****in satisfying to power through immigrant/wanton song at full speed! Keep workin at it!
  11. Man, I am so glad to see so many Presence fans! I know it seems odd, but I have come across TONS of people who, upon bringing up Presence (when talking Zep, of course), have said something along the lines of "Wait... you actually like Presence?" I can never believe it, but likewise I have met NO ONE (aside from these forums) who recognizes Presence's Brilliance! Anyways, I am so GLAD! Oh to laugh aloud, Dancing as we fought the crowd.
  12. You heard me. I am not at all assuming I am the ONLY one who has deep respect for Presence (I KNOW that I am not), but over the years I have been astounded by the wide-spread hate for this record. Yes, the album was recorded during a tense time in the band's history. Yes, there was a complete lack of keyboards and acoustic guitar (aside from the fabled 'lost' acoustic dub) And yes, it had less 'variety' than their previous albums. (I may have missed a few points, but forgive me) BUT SERIOUSLY? They intentionally wrote the album in a particular style (harder-hitting - aiming bac
  13. Ha! wait... you aren't serious, are you? It's such a simple riff, but it can be surprisingly tough to master (particularly with the jump between octaves on the F# chord ---- the alternate picking) Although admittedly, I did try to learn it very early on (too early).
  14. That is only Drop D. It simply changes what you play on the low E string. You can pretty much play the song either way with very little difference, but it is 'better' in drop D (for the droning low D at one specific point after/during the solo ------------ "Did you ever really need somebody, really need them bad..."
  15. If Robert was holding it, you can bet your ass it tasted good!
  16. I'm so glad to see so many people who appreciate the song! It always stood out to me and it is one of the greatest transitions between songs (heartbreaker - LLM) It is just a shame that Page thought it was worthless. In a weird way, I always thought of the song as kind of a mix between Communication Breakdown and Celebration Day! A slightly odd combo, I know, but I think it's great!
  17. I guess that's a good way of putting it. I was just curious how there are many known Zeppelin song that are 'overlooked,' and Livin' Lovin' Maid still doesn't seem to come up. I 'spose it just shocks me that Zeppelin would ever have anything defined as 'filler'! Also, Plant apparently likes the song quite a bit or atleast came to like the song (and played it on his '90 tour, as was pointed out). It seems to be only Page who hates the song. (technically I don't know what JPJ thinks or Bonzo [RIP])
  18. I've always wondered what the deal is with this song; not in terms of lyrics/meaning, but why it is seemingly never mentioned. Every time I listen to it now on Led Zeppelin II, I feel like I've come across a lost track or something. I remember hearing something once about Page saying that he hated the song, but that's it. There doesn't seem to be any elaboration. As far as I'm concerned, it seems like a pretty Zepp-ish song (especially that main riff). Sure, the solo isn't the most amazingly exciting one to play, but it still sounds like classic Page. Anyways, it has never been perfo
  19. I went for In My Time of Dying. Tough to decide at first, but I have much more history with IMTOD and I think it best defines Zeppelin out of these three.
  20. I see. I guess It should be no surprise that the camera's focus would favor Plant over some Welsh artifact.
  21. Don't worry, I get what you mean. The internet in general is a good place for thievery.
  22. Cool link man, but didn't you kind of contradict your statement by pointing out that your music may get stolen? Just a thought.
  23. I think all 3 songs are awesome in their own ways. Each song kind of symbolizes different sides of their music: In My Time Of Dying (Blues) Achilles' Last Stand (Epic Rock) Carouselambra (Synth/Progressive) In deciding, for me its a tie between IMTOD and ALS (Carouselambra is great, just not quite as brilliant as the other 2) I think IMTOD represents one of the ultimate GROUP efforts of Zeppelin and Achilles represents some of Page's most amazing work. Tough to choose...
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