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  1. this always makes me laugh. Thanks for that.
  2. Not to defend either side, but even though I am aware all these shows can be downloaded for free, i'm guilty of buying the silver CDs releases from Tarantura / EVSD over the years.. it appeals to my collector blood and nobody is forcing anyone to buy them .. so.. anyway..
  3. Cool - apart from the YouTube clip, where else can this be found? Dime?
  4. Does anyone have any info re this concert : November 7, 1969.
  5. As mentioned by Zep Head, all 4 are up on Dime, easy to find.
  6. I might be late in discovering these mixes but are there only these 4 out there for now? They rock. LED ZEPPELIN - 1969-04-27 - Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA - SBD-AUD MATRIX (16bit) 17 1 LED ZEPPELIN - 1969-08-31 - Lewisville, TX - SBD-AUD MATRIX (16bit) 14 0 LED ZEPPELIN - 1970-09-04 - LA Forum - NEW AUDx4 MATRIX (16bit) 28 1 LED ZEPPELIN - 1973-03-16 - Vienna - NEW 4 SOURCE MATRIX (16bit)
  7. just got mine today and it has the same marking.
  8. any proof that this new set has actual better sound than the already awesome Deep Throat sets? I have the original box and the Xmas edition (Physical Graffiti cover) .. I would hate to spend all that cash for just another "more of the same"... Anyone?
  9. still can't find any visuals - can you?
  10. I agree but at the same time, can't resist the temptation to collect them...
  11. any photos yet of the new 9 CD set?
  12. ditto. I actually had downloaded the file but the file is corrupt. can anyone PM me and help?
  13. So I received my copy and I have to say, it really rocks. The sound is amazing, even though there are tracks missing. Well worth the $ spent ...
  14. I don't disagree... I buy my own and am actually waiting for my copy....
  15. I hope this won't be a 18 cd box of 6 different versions of this 1 show...
  16. Right, so please go ahead and spend the 400$ to help them produce the 929 soundboard!
  17. So to be clear, the two Oakland shows featured on this release are audience recordings, correct? Seems tempting, especially with the bonus soundboard stuff, but it again feels like rehashed stuff from past releases... Right or Wrong? Time will tell...
  18. Does anyone out there have the Garden Tapes (the EV box set)? Is having all these versions really worth it?
  19. Oh, so it’s not a new source at all? I saw this also and wondered.
  20. aaaaah thanks. I meant a sample of the complete show.. pardon my french (I'm French),
  21. So I bought this title a bit blindly, not knowing what I was getting into. I love the fact that I have all these different versions but I am having a hard time finding info re all 3 audience versions that accompany the soundboard sampler.. Help? Thx
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