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  1. You mean the Snowlind covers? From the Empress Valley bootleg of the Vancouver March '75 shows. Whatever one's moral feelings about bootleggers, they do come up with some awesome covers sometimes
  2. No evidence that he is embarassed by the Tolkien references? Fair enough - though I would argue there is strong circumstantial evidence: For example, Plant recently said (emphasis added): "I struggle with some of the lyrics from particular periods of time. The musicality and construction of (Stairway) is peerless. Maybe I didn't quite feel the same about the lyrics a little bit later on in life, further on down the road..." Such comments (and there are others) combined with what seems to me to be a clear effort to obscure the Tolkien references when he sings them, I supposed I should say I think he is embarassed by them... Note: this does not mean I think he should be embarassed by the references - after all, I've read LOTR at least 20 times, plus the complete History of Middle Earth (12 Volumes), Silmarillion, Books of Lost Tales, Unfinished Tales, Letters of JRR Tolkien, and assorted critiques and biographies (Sibley, etc). And he can downplay that stuff all he wants now, but I love the references.
  3. Plant is pretty embarassed by the Tolkien references nowadays. Did you notice how he sang "Gollum" under his breath when he during Ramble On at the 02 show (and the rehearsal, though less so)? I'm pretty sure if you didn't already know that was the lyric, you would not hear it.
  4. Yep, I get it - and it is a good question. I really wasn't entirely joking when I said it would come out someday on a Deluxe edition. They we shell out money to buy it again. that is my answer
  5. The first album cover set the right tone, iconic - hard to beat. (My vinyl P.G. cover is my favorite though). Interestingly didn't JP say they hated the Zep III cover (the graphics, not the wheel), that it was too flower-girly or something like that, but they didn't see the final version until too late...(?) Anyway, half seriously, here is my favorite (from the Empiress Valley Snowblind Vancouver release). Sorry Jimmy:
  6. That will be on the Celebration Day Remastered Deluxe Box Set, set for release in 2017. (And would buy it, 'cause the rehearsal kicks ass).
  7. Wanton Song, 8/14/2000 Jimmy Page and Black Crowes (well, since Zep never played it....)
  8. Worth it for that story about Sting and John Bonham ("I'll step on your head man!"). Priceless.
  9. In this site I'm in the minority no doubt: All the ingredients in Presence are amazing - some of the best musicianship of any album. And looking at each song separately I have to say, yeah, good or great song. BUT, in some indefinable way it always seemed (to me) to lack some spark to push into greatness. The parts are greater than the sum, or something like that. (Have I ever said I hated it, well gosh no - in fact I like it, but I would place it last among Zep albums. Sorry :-( (Favorites are III and PG). Like a Tim Burton film: Man it looks (sounds) great, but something is missing... (BUT, live, the songs are usually highlights - including For Your Life at 02, natch)
  10. I second the Zurich show (6/29/80). Actually a very nice soundboard overall. So-so versions of ITTOD material, but the real gem is the Train Kept a Rollin opener (a very very strong Nobody's Fault too - the brittle '80 sound really fit the Presence material).
  11. Really? Even though they started in San Francisco, and to this day are big boosters of SF scene bands like the Dead? I live in Massachusetts, and I don't quite follow you. I'd stay and chat more, but I have to finish my gluten-free muffin and latte, and then hop in my Prius to go for a drive in the New England countryside.
  12. So - Rolling Stone gives the 02 DVD 4.5 stars ('near classic'). Oy. I found it hilarious that RS, as usual, couldn't resist getting its digs in, even in a 4.5 star review. For example, the review says something like: Plant was singing so well that "even the Mordor travelogue lyrics of Ramble On sound meaningful" (sorry, paraphrasing here - I don't have it in front of me). Huh, sometimes it feels like they are STILL covering their ass. Like, "we told you in the '70's that the lyrics sucked, but now they've finally found ways to compensate for it."
  13. I don't know enough to answer this fully, but here is a partial response: 1969 - As Long as I Have You (Strider, I just had a similar experience to yours with this song - even though I have a few '69 shows, I didn't listen to that song until a few days ago when I listened to the 4/24/69 Dancing Avocado version, just blew my mind), Pat's Delight, HMMT 1970 - Communication Breakdowns with interior jams/medleys 1971 - Four Sticks (only played once, in Copenhagen , just about my favorite slice of Live Zep so far, can't imagine why they never played it again), Tangerine in Japan (because in many ways it is my favorite Zep tune, period). (and a lot of their covers in the 69-72 period, because its such a nice departure from the albums - Blueberry Hill, C'mon Everybody, Stand By Me, etc 1972 - Don't know enough yet (all I have is the Charlotte show and HTWWW). Dancin' Days maybe... 1973 - No Quarter (and pretty much every song played at Offenburg 1975 - Acoustic set - Earl's Court, natch (there ya go Strider and Sue), but again, all I have to go on besdes the DVD is a few shows, such as Dallas. Need to get the 2-12 MSG show 1977 - SRTS, Ten Years Gone (I know there were sloppy shows that year, but I don't get the antipathy towards this year - SRTS for example is machine-gun like perfection, even compared to earlier versions. Bonham is possessed). Openers in earlier years, such as Rock and Roll, sometimes sound like warmups to me - but SRTS kicks ass from the first notes in a lot of 77 shows. Oh yeah, and I'm a sucker for the 30 minute No Quarters - I love Jonesy's classical piano bits. 1979 - Don't know enough yet, planning to get all four of these shows soon, second night of Copenhagen tops my list (I do love the re-worked Whole Lotta Love though, there are more riffs in the interior jam than most bands come up with in their whole career) 1980 - Those of you who have not heard this year should try some. I had a friend who really liked '80, so my CDR collection is heavier on that year than is probably normal, heh - I like the Zurich show 6-29-80. The Train Kept a Rollin' is one of the heaviest, punkest things in Zep history, jaw dropping wah-fest. Lots of slop in that show too, but there is something about the stripped down crunge-y thing they were doing that year.....
  14. Thank you everyone for all this information. My original question really had more to do with the thinking behind not releasing a CD version of such a great show, more than a desire to find an unofficial copy, because like everyone here I can have all the great AUDs and SBDs in the world but will always buy the official release. But some of these posts have really opened my eyes to what is out there. Right now I'm listening to 3/7/70 Montreux. As Strider said in another thread, this show is indeed CRUSHING MY BALLS. It hurts, but its worth it. And it fully assuages my desire to have the RAH show on CD. (Methinks the RAH show could turn up in the LZ2 boxset next year? Just a thought). Oh God. I'm listening to Dazed right now. Can't type any more... must go...
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