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    I play in 2 Tribute bands, one a tribute to Zeppelin, and the other a tribute to Boston. I love my Dog Schultzie, and I have a Brother who plays the bass!

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  1. Thanks TypeO We do mostly live versions, including Dazed & Confused from the Song remains the same in its entirety, Whole Lotta Love with the blues jam in the middle!
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to share with you some videos of my Led Zeppelin tribute band, we had our first show with our new drummer and new name Saturday night and it went VERY Well! If any of you are on facebook, would you go to our page and give us a "like"? www.facebook.com/zeppelintribute We havent uploaded it yet, but we do almost entirly live versions of Zeppelin (our Dazed & Confused clocked in at 28 minutes!) Any comments are criticisms welcome, and thanks a bunch!
  3. http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/03/this-is-the-worst-cover-of-led-zeppelins-stairway-to-heaven-in-history/ NSFW, partly funny, partly depressing, part William Huang! A few years ago, when I just started dating my future wife, we went to some Greek festival at a nearby park. What I thought was meant to be a day of scrumptious keftedakias, a few bottles of Mythos, and maybe some plate-breaking was ruined in one instance. There, on the stage on a hill, four middle-aged men came together in collective disregard for decency and absolutely ruined Foghat’s “Slow Ride”. I swore to myself th
  4. Plant said he would give us a big scoop of Led Zeppelin, a little chocolate, a little vanilla, a little color... We should be so lucky he even came out of his dressing room instead of partying backstage all day and every day!
  5. A little heavy on the accent, but I enjoyed it! I have been doing tribute bands for 10 years, none of them are perfect, some are downright bad, but it important to remember, all of us are fans playing music we love!
  6. The boogie numbers in the HTWWW version is what turned me onto Led Zeppelin Driving far away to go camping, my poor family probably listened to WLL 200 times that weekend, I just kept it on repeat the whole trip
  7. Which dates did page play "dixie" as part of his harmonized guitar solo? Also, what are some of your guy's favorites? It may be boring and self indulgent, but I am enjoying listening to them! I just wish I could remember when it was that he played the little snippet of dixie
  8. Or Christmas Presence!?!?!
  9. The ahahahah guitar and vocal part, with the rhythm section punches weaved around...the phrasing live compared to the studio is very different! Listening to some of the suggestions, I guess they just did it the best they could live, and didnt try to copy what they did in the studio...which goes for most everything they played live I guess
  10. I love the song, but it seems like the call and response part between the vocals/guitar, and the bass/drums was never played very tightly...does anyone know which date from any year is the tightest the band ever played the song and got that part right?
  11. I seem to recall something about Oakland fading down the stretch...I guess leading the league in HRs since the allstar break, having the true league MVP at third, and the most balenced pitching staff in the AL is a symptom of fading
  12. The great thing about baseball is you never know what you are going to get...As much as you talk about Oakland fading, the dominant AL east, and Detroit dominating every team they play, you can never predict how baseball is going to go. You just have to wait and see, take it day by day and enjoy it until the season is over! That's what I love most about baseball.
  13. My least favorite songs are dancing days, and fool in the rain, I also am not fond of the 73' versions of Since I've Been Loving You...
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