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  1. Which dates did page play "dixie" as part of his harmonized guitar solo? Also, what are some of your guy's favorites? It may be boring and self indulgent, but I am enjoying listening to them! I just wish I could remember when it was that he played the little snippet of dixie
  2. My least favorite songs are dancing days, and fool in the rain, I also am not fond of the 73' versions of Since I've Been Loving You...
  3. Tele songs from knebworth, Hot Dog, TYG, I love that brown Tele!
  4. I'd love to hear a video clip! 8D
  5. check out this never before seen zeppelin photo! Black Dog? Hot Dog? Strider? anybody else have a funny photo-shop zeppelin shot to share?
  6. Hey, I am trademarking that! A younger Jesse, mid-pout!
  7. thats no duckface....its a Pagey-pout!
  8. ...but surely by laying off the substances it would have been effortless like it was back in 72/73 and not a struggle. I disagree, broken fingers and drugs and an intense touring schedule not forgotten, Page was a different player then he was in the earlier days...More exotic scales, more diverse improvisations, He played the shit out of the earlier albums, but the later material required more dangerous and exploratory leads, as opposed to the box blues leads used in the earlier days
  9. Ahh, thanks for clearing that up! My mom and dad would have been 18 and 16 in 1977.... so does anyone know what he changed/replaced/modified his cabs?
  10. I have wondered for a long time, but never got around to posting it, I know it isnt a glance of camera angle or lighting, his cabs went from definitely grey to definitely black! But the Marshall "100" logo remained on his zoso logo'd cab I just love how intimidating the gear looked in 77, the Black cabs (to match his gestapo boots?) the big old alembic bass, the black mellotron, like they took some inspiration from Darth Vader or something
  11. I am wondering, if Page spray painted his cabs, bought new ones, the color of the cloth has changed from the cabs from grey to black he used grey clothed cabs from 69-75 this is from Oakland 77, and most of the pictures I have seen from the 77 tour look like the same black colored cabs Anyone know WHY?
  12. I'll play! Messing around: Looking Old Fashioned: And The Obligatory band photo:
  13. Several older gentlemen I know who where at the saturday show recall how great they where (non musician ears???) also late the band was, how long the lines at the bathroom where, how nice the Oakland Colosseum was before "Mt Davis" was put in among other things.
  14. Thank You from South Hampton, I love those mellotron flutes!
  15. the seattle show was my first ever look @ the 77 tour, and I was not a fan of it besides sick again and no quarter, but one of my favorite parts of Zeppelin is even at the most tired drunken strung out worst...they are still ass kicking and inspiring!
  16. Plus one! Even songs I dont care for, I can appreciate what the band was trying to accomplish and how important that is to appreciating the particular song.
  17. The great thing to me about the mighty Zep is how EVERY song had something of value to be appreciated, HOTRH...Zeppelins take on depression era blues? That being said, I dont care for Fool In The Rain, I dont like dancing days, and I dont like like most LIVE versions of SIBLY
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