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    Led Zeppelin and guitars!!
  1. Probably around 1977 or 78 I started listening to them. A friend of mine had the first Led Zeppelin album and he didnt have a sleeve or anything for it. I eventually ended up with the album somehow and played it to death...lol.
  2. Thanks!! I have a long way to go until its where I want it. I need alot more guitars and a few more amps yet....:-))
  3. I have all of the original vinyl albums up until Bonham died. I'll get the rest as time goes. I've bee collecting photos, concert posters, pinback buttons and hope to finally get a Jimmy Page autograph.
  4. This is me.......1986, 1988 and a present day photo, well a few years old...lol
  5. HELLO!!!! I just found this forum and thought I'd join being a Zeppelin fan like the rest of you here. Ive already posted elsewhere in this forum and have read some great posts here. I hope to be able to offer some good conversation and learn some things...lol. Thanks!!
  6. Zepplin4

    My Music Room

    Thanks!! I've added a few more things since these pics. All of the albums are on the wall ad I have a record player..now I can listen to my vinyl!!!!!
  7. Zepplin4

    My Music Room

    A look into my music room that I have dedicated to Led Zeppelin. Its nowhere near done yet!!
  8. Its hard for me to decide. Being a guitar and a bass player myself, I'd say John Paul Jones but Jimmy is my favorite.
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