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  1. I was at the show last night, and I absolutely agree with you. Fellow Long Islander Tony Catania was amazing. Now is it just me...or does Tony look a lot like "Sal" (John Cazale) from the film DOG DAY AFTERNOON????
  2. AMAZING show!!! Pretty much had to sell my soul to the devil to get a ticket, but it was well worth it! The lady next to me was practically filming the entire show, hopefully it'll pop up on youtube.
  3. Ordered mine last week. I stopped paying my mortgage, and I'm eating stewed tomatoes out of the can.
  4. Great clip! If I'm not mistaken, I believe two future guitarists were in attendance at that show, Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister) and Ace Frehley (Kiss).
  5. Seeing Robert and Alison win Album of the Year made me so happy i wanted to smoke pcp and punch my grandmother in the face!!! (well..almost)
  6. How is it? Looks like the Gov't Mule site no longer sells the cd...
  7. From what I've read, both Page and Plant are huge fans of the late Jeff Buckley. Plant is also a fan of Jeff's dad Tim Buckley, covering his "Song to the Siren" on Dreamland.
  8. If they dont decide to tour, there's always Whitesnake...
  9. Sweet Jesus. Just from the cell phone videos I've seen, I would shoot my best friend in the head and dump his lifeless body off the Belt Parkway if they would tour the U.S. Thanks for posting so many clips!!!!
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