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  1. Got home after work today and YESSSSSS , there it was on the doormat !!! Superrrr !!! LED ZEPPELIN
  2. The seed was planted in 1951 , it grew and was harvested in that same year
  3. Non of the above ........... ; The Netherlands !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I like the LZ #3 album , because it was the first album i ever bought (in 1971) and that one gave me THE Zep "virus" since. So after that one i bought 1 and 2 and later the following albums including "the BBC sessions","Economium"(a tribute to LZ) ,"the Mothership" and even the album "raising sand" (Robert Plant & Allison Krauss). And lately i purchased this................................. And now waiting for my (deluxe) pre-order of Celebration day ! can`t wait.
  5. +1 , can`t wait. I should be getting it after the 16th of november.
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