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  1. I picked up a Jimmy Page Sessions 2 the other day at the thrift store, and alongside some 50's gems he played on, the last track on the album is White Summer listed as "The New Yardbirds" Marque Theater 10-16-68. This would make it actually Led Zeppelin. After a little digging around, I found the below bootleg for the show at the Marquee. I've heard this show is actually the Fillmore shows from Spring 1969, repackaged, but since I haven't listened to it, I couldn't confirm. Does anyone have this bootleg, and if so is it the legitimate 1968 concert or repackaged 1969 Fillmore material. Also when is that 1970 Bath video going to be released.
  2. Personally I was kind of disappointed with the extras on LZ I, II, & III which were released this summer. I feel it was a missed opportunity. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun listen, and there was some great stuff on their, but mostly just alternate takes with vocals removed. Classic Rock Magazine had this whole list of things which might be on it when they were annouced back in 2013 (St. Tristan's Sword, etc). Couldn't find it here in this long post, but what would everyone's ideal extra's for the boxsets that could have beeb? Here's mine: LZ I: Remastered album+, Paris Show is good, but the sound quality is a bit distant. I would have gone with TEXAS POP FESTIVAL 1969, the band was on fire this day. Perhaps Milwaukee 1969 LZ II: Remastered album+, I would have put in ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1970, I know it was released on the DVD back in early 2000's but how about an audio CD version, how about a cleaned up Bath Festival full concert, or Memphis 1970 LZ III: Remastered album+, I would have put in snipets from various versions of the songs from their playing in 1970 and 1971. The rare live version of Gallows Pole from Denmark, Out on the Tiles from Blueberry Hill, SIBLY from Switerland or Osaka 1971, Celebration Day from Orlando 1971, Weekend from 1971 LA Forum, LZ IV: Remastered album+ , Full Sunset Sound mix of the album, Full Orlando 1971, Virginia or Berkeley 1971 concerts, LZ Houses of the Holy Remastered Album + 1973 New Orleans full concert, or Rhode Island Full concert, or for that matter Southampton 1973. LZ Physical Graffiti Remastered Album + Alternate take of In the Light, + Live in Earl's Court 1975 4th and 5th nights (film and CD versions)+ LA Forum 1975 LZ Presense Remastered + Badgeholders LA Forum 1977, + Cleveland 1977 + Listen to this Eddie 1977 full concert + Full Seattle Concert 1977 (film and CD versions) I realize JP hates this concert... LZ In Through the Out Door Remastered + Knebworth both nights 1979 (film & DVD versions) + Copenhagen both nights LZ Coda Remastered + Live at Berlin 1980, Live at Frankfurt 1980 + Tribute to Johnny Kid full album Just my two cents, and I realize some of my sources aren't ideal but then it's more about hearing the band on fire then hearing a perfect audio recording. Also, I realized some of these versions would probably cost $200 but then can you seriously tell me you wouldn't rather have live concerts with notes from the band, then another booklet of ticket stub reprints and photos?
  3. Any thoughts on the best live version of No Quarter? I'm partial to the 1975 fourth night Earl's Court version, 1973 Bonzo's Bday, and to be honest the Celebration Day version from the 2007 O2 concert has some great JPJ action. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the info on Jones and his sticky notes. I always thought something like Dazed and Confused (especially the 1975 version) and No Quarter (1977 version) would be harder to remember changes on since those could run upwards of 40 minutes. Then again it seems like they could read each other's minds from time to time. I was listening to Southhampton 1973 and during How Many More Times, Robert sings the chord change right before the Bolero section, waiting for Jimmy to pick up on it, which of course he does. It's stuff like this on the bootlegs that makes me wish there was more video of Zeppelin filmed in the fashion of the Live 02 concert. Getting to see their expressions to each other while playing is awesome.
  5. On various bootleg's I've heard from 1977, during Kashmir I've noticed John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page have trouble coordinating the beat change. Sometimes it seems John Paul messes it up, sometimes it seems Jimmy is to blame. I thought this was just the one bootleg I had of the show "For Badge Holders Only", but I've since heard several other bootlegs from the same 1977 tour and the same flub seems to occur. On FBHO it's at about the 2:15 into Kashmir, right before Robert sings the "Baby...I've been flying" line. Has anyone ever read an interview or heard JPJ or JP talking about this being a particulary difficult song to coordinate? Maybe it's because they didn't have their badgeholders with them?
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