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  1. Jimmy Page, Buckethead, Jerry Cantrell
  2. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere here already, it's a pretty good interview.
  3. Thank you! What kind of energy are you refering to in your sig?
  4. How do I do that? I take what you said as 'less is more' and I agree with you, but without the right sound I just don't feel it. I guess I still have a lot to learn...
  5. Sounds great, reminds me a bit of 'Since I've Been Loving You'. Would like to try your settings on my amp and see where it takes me, it's at least worth a try. I think one problem for me is I don't use a Les Paul and don't have the options this guitar brings in terms of the middle position and blending the pickups. The closest I get with my gear is the Tele with the Duncan at the bridge but that is just a single coil sized humbucker and the neck is a single coil so the middle position sounds a lot different. Does anyone know a site with in depth info on Jimmy Page's gear and settings? All I know is he often used Teles and Les Pauls with Marshalls (wich ones?) and sometimes Hiwatts, is that correct? I'd be intrested in what of today's effects could get me closer as I can't seem to put my hands on a tonebender or a decent vintage fuzz ever, some of that stuff is just so rare or it will cost you an arm and a leg. My favourite tones of his are New York '73, Marrakesh '95 (Truth Explodes in particular) and the O2, I love these sounds but I figure he was using different stuff each time? Does he even use an overdrive pedal or is it just the guitar and the amp?
  6. No offense taken at all, I'm appreciative of any feedback, I want to become better on the guitar. I'm using all kinds of stuff and haven't really found "my sound", right now I'm seaching for the right tone for a particular song (not what you hear in the demo, that is just for the guitar sound). Here's a video of my usual tones (Fender + Duncan '59 + Hiwatt combo) but that doesn't get me what I want in regards to the song. I'm always using too much distortion but when I use less I feel it lacks energy...any ideas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w_bBF1dojk&feature=plcp
  7. Van Halen was about the last thing on my mind when I did that. I wanted to go something like Black Dog but with more dirt and distortion. When I think Van Halen I think of tapping, whammy bar and way better playing than mine lol. Any ideas how to get closer to a more Zeppelin guitar sound - soundwise?
  8. Hi all! I'm a hobby musician currently trying to put something Zeppelin-ish together (no cover, but an original in the tradition of) but I'm not sure if my guitar sound is as Page-esque as it should be to get the vibe across. I figured that the Led Zeppelin Forum would be a good place to ask such a question? So please have a quick listen to this little jam and tell me what you think about the sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-75dSQCVnQ&feature=plcp
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