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  1. If I'm not mistaken here in france the show will be at 11 o clock in the mornin on sunday...and it will be 16 o clock at philadelphia.... Anyone knows where is the radio located? Help!! Artur
  2. Could someone record this gig? I will survey the hours but it could be great actually to be two to record it in case I would have a problem... Thanks a lot Artur
  3. I WANT THOSE FUCKING FEEDBACKS TOO and IN 5.1 SOUND WITH EXTRA BASS AND A LOT OF FUCKING PUBLIC NOISE!!!! AND I WANT A DVD LOADED WITH CRUNCHES AND NOISES OF ALL GENRES BUT I WANT A DVD OF THIS BEST BAND EVER SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS IT CLEAR?!! I will NEVER HAVE THE OCCASION TO SEE THIS BAND LIVE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET'S WAIT FOR THE DVD§!! I am presently preparing my computer to record the gigi from this radio http://www.94wysp.com/# And then we wiil see if there was soooooooooooooooooooo much noise. LOVE YA ALL BOYS AND GIRLS Artur
  4. I'm gonna be here on sunday and RECORD THE WHOLE GIG with very good audio quality Just wanna know is it an english or american radio? So i musy now the difference if hours between france and american,between france an d england its one hour ... tell me if you wnat me to record it....
  5. Here is the result... As I'm a French guy, please forgive me for the few mistakes... If you wanna exprience something special, just go here...beware to the sound...^^ I'm Gonna Crawl by Artur The Lionhearted **************************** Somewhere, you don’t know exactly where you have landed. The sky is dark, and the sun doesn’t shy anymore. No one seems to live down there, and you already know you won’t meet any friend as you’re taking this path. Your head is heavy as hell, it seems you drank the whole fucking night through. But you keep on going down this fucking nightmare, wishing someone put his hand out to help you. Instead of angels flying, you see a dark planet, without any kind of life on it. Still walking, you finally fall down on your knees, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go, not even knowing who the hell you are. Did they take your heart away? Did they take your soul away? What those fucking bastards have made to you?!! You cry out loud, giving heaven this one and unique yell from a heart of stone that beats for no one. Nothing happens. Once again, Louder. Still nothing moves, still your heart breaks into thousand pieces of useless white snow. Once again, Still Louder. YOU HEAVEN BASTARD, WOULD YOU PLEASE SHOW ME THE WAY?! Once again, just a last time, so you just won’t kill yourself because you didn’t try. Nothing man, nothing moves, nothing lives, and this blue ocean of the past is definitely dead. FUCKING DEAD!! Darkness fell around you know, and you’re ready to spend a lonely night, without any arms to protect you, without a heart that would beat just for you, without that person that would help you making it through the days, through time, through life. Locked in your paranoia you forgot what the meaning of words are, really are. Nothing and no one can live without feelings, no human being can be what he is without a soul, there’s no need to try and catch theses high pitched notes if your heart don’t feel them deep down inside no more. No need to buy flowers if you don’t have sunshine in your eyes while you pay them. No need to listen to music, if you don’t feel that fucking thrill going down your spine, if these tears don’t keep on falling on your cheeks. So get up. So Stand the Fuck up! Leave darkness, fight against it with you tears. Fight against it though you’re all alone, damn alone. Fight against Human Stupidity though it kills you each time. Fight against lies, though people don’t seem to see they’re lying each and every second of their lives. Go on, keep on pushing hell backwards, and keep on yelling, like a beast, like a fucking damned man, like a poor and useless child who would have been abandoned in a black and dirty street. Keep on, keep on, keep on, Keep on, that’s the only way. That’s the fucking only street, The one who is called… The street of love. Don’t you know? Heaven will always recognize where a heart beats… This text is dedicated to all of you boys and Girls ^^ May the Zep Fly forever in Our Hearts.... Artur the Lionhearted
  6. Yeah, I know I'm a youger mate than you guys, only25 years old. But anyway. Just discoverd the IM GONNA CRAWL song...It just makes my cry as hell...my tears keep on fallin and I can't seem to understand why...Everything here is just pure beauty, heaven on this hell planet..Just wanna die while listenning to this song... Must write a text, no way!!!!
  7. That's what I thought... Thanks a lot again for those precious details!! Artur
  8. AAAAAH!!! In my arms!! BROTHER!!! So I was right, I was actually searching the right word for those loudspeakers...^^ Wedges of course!!! Here is the only cause of the feedback. ONCE AND FOR ALL ROBERT PLANT'S VOICE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!! A question, why Zep doesn't use EAR MONITORS? Is it because they LOVE loud sound? Thanks A LOT FOR YOUR ANSWER, people down here seems not to listen to what others are sayin but rather keep goin and sayin their own things...too bad!! Artur
  9. Could we now on which type of loudspeakers did you hear that ttape on the radio?.... Probably not High Fidelity loudspeakers Am I wrong?... Give the reference of your stuff i'm interested! See ya Artur
  10. I think that if i send an email to gold radio they could give me the answer.. do you want me to try?
  11. I answered to your message. Tell me if you got it Hope you'll forgive me for the missunderstanding... But there's another thing I have to check, i think i can find these files, from the GOLD RADIO evening in a much better quality... If anyone is interested then tell me... Artur
  12. Hi! Could you please explain me your reaction becuase it seems i can't understand it... This guy does A REAL DAMN GOOD JOB...don't you know what it takes to makes something like that? This guy is a genius in what he does... Ok you may not accept to do that on zep songs, but indeed it has nothing to do with blasphemy anyway...it's very original and i don't think there are a lot of people on earth that could do such a mix.... Though I prefer the first one...^^ See ya! Artur
  13. TOO GOOD!!!!!! I can write the whole story... SHUUUUt mumy!! Robert is singing on TV!!! What the hell are you doin?!!!! Mother answering: it's time for diner!! BOUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! You can actually hear them eat!!!!!!!!! :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical: there's a baby in the place...!! Rambling on to dinner...^^
  14. You're maybe right, don't know, anyway SOUND is my "passion".... So I know what i'm talkin about... Been interested in it for no more than 20 years...^^ Love this video anyway, that's what a rock concert should ALWAYS sound like!!!!!!!!!! B) B)
  15. All right, listen carefuly at the given times ok? Here we go... The first one occurs at 00.50 the second one at 00.54 00.55 the louder one being at 00.56 another one at 01.10 - 01.11 another one at 01.26 - 01.27 the last one which goes on the nerves of robert is actually at 01.38 - 01.39 Look the reaction of robert at 01.40 he looks down to the loudspeaker which is not so far away from him, you could hear him sayin, what's the fuck goin' on down there...just look at his eyes, he get really worried if not pissed of... It's funny because this reaction occurs while he's singing hey hey babe what's wrong with you.... :D Then immedialtly after that last fucking feedback, robert takes his microphone and leaves the place crouded by loudspeakers... Then no feedbacks...until 02.16 which is a very small one...you noticed that robert got back in the same place as where he was when he began to sing the song...look at the movement of the camera carefully...^^ at 02.21 you can see two big loudspeakers in the back of robert...Hay, a propos, how do you call those loudspeakers in english? in french we call them "retours"... at 02.34 you can clearly see how the loudspeakers are present on the stage...in fact two loudspeakers for robert, and then one per instrument, more or less... at 03.01 you can clearly see thath even the drummer has its own loudspeaker on both sides of his drum kit... Until the end ogf the song, NO FEEDBACK...!!! That's what i'm sayin from the start...FEEDBACK are created because of a too high volume given to the loudspears which helps each musician, and the singer, to actually hear what the other members of the group are playin... Otherwhise, they could not play in good conditions together... And I know what i'm talkin about...^^ Artur PS for those who do not understand what we are talkin about go here for the video My dear feedback how are you doin?!! PS2: Only one feedback can cause iremediable troubles to the ears...
  16. No need to be sarcastic!! the song I was refering to is BLack country woman Pay attention, instead of being so unpleasant, to the feedbacks and to the look of robert... Don't forget to look at the loudspeakers which are on stage!! They are the only cause of the feedbacks... Artur Black country woman and the feedbacks
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