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  1. Rick Beato was able to get YouTube to unblock his Led Zeppelin video — What Makes This Song Great? Ep.87 LED ZEPPELIN (#2) "Ok, this video was originally blocked and I got an email from YouTube today saying it was unblocked. I didn’t do anything it just happened. Thank you Led Zeppelin:) and all of you who reached out to them on Twitter. I think that’s what did it." ~ Rick Beato. Here is his original video from 2 days prior: And a BIG thank you to not only Rick Beato for making this video, but also, whatever fans helped get
  2. That opposing dirtbag lawyer finally lost a big one! I wonder if Rick Beato will post a new vid about this on his YouTube channel.
  3. I remember seeing similar lyrics printed on the 45 sleeve at my local DC record store around 1983-ish. And since then I have always sung that one line as - I wanna go where there is rest and show. Also, who really believes that that StH lyric really is - Our shadows taller than our souls. It has always sounded to me like - I share an old story that I've told.
  4. Carouselambra is my 4th favorite Zep song following "Hey Hey What Can I Do" number 1, "Traveling Riverside Blues" number 2, and "When the Levee Breaks" as my number 3 Highlights of the song for me: Bonham's drum roll (or whatever it's called) at 1:07 and at 6:28 Robert's yelled echo at 6:31 Jimmy's guitar throughout it's entirety (specially it's echoing sound, like at 4:24 ) Jones' synths Song's length The overall deep sound, complexity, plus the power of it I have always felt that this is the closest that Zeppelin ever came to Prog. Rock.
  5. Which I always found odd that Plant never did a project with Ann and Nancy Wilson as they are HUGE fans of Zeppelin.
  6. I believe that the raging fire of Led Zeppelin has long burned out from these three legends. My hope is to see them reform the Honeydrippers instead. I believe that that would be way more doable for their age while also showing the quality of their genius.
  7. Alright! They gave John Paul the chair right next to Letterman! I was hoping that they would do that.
  8. . Thank you very much for posting that extra dvd review. I went ahead and changed my order. Those comments about 'Four Your Life' have me psyched out of my freaking mind.
  9. Same here. Carouselambra is an absolute blistering masterpiece! Both this song and 'In the Evening' I would place in my top 10 Zep favorites. Though I do have to wonder that had tragedy not stuck, if they had probably just one more great album in them to make before the goofiness of the 80's changing style of music would have ruined them. Like what happened to RUSH because of those synthesizers. Also I like to wonder just how more awesome 'In Through the Out Door' would have been had it been combined with 'Coda' to make their 2nd studio double album. .
  10. Makes sense. Was it ever released as a single? And if not, then that is probably why it is tied into Heartbreaker on the album. So that it could not be played alone by itself.
  11. . Pretty much all of their songs are absolutely awesome. So there really is no point at all in making a top song list for this particular group. Now Rush or AC/DC on the other hand makes much more sense.
  12. . I guess there is no way to order BOTH the Blu-ray and CDs individually as I much prefer to store my CDs and Blu-ray separately. I have ordered the 2 CD + 1 Blu-Ray set anyway. Can't wait as I just saw the amazing KASHMIR on Youtube yesterday.
  13. . This song I would also put in my top 5 Zep favorites. In the early 80's when I was over at my friends house I heard this song playing on his sister's radio. I LOVED the guitar riff. So I asked her about half an hour later what group that was playing a while ago, and she just guessed that it was the Beatles not knowing exactly what song I was referring to. I knew that it was defintily NOT them. I could not get Jimmy's riff out of my head. Finally I got my answer and that was my second Zep song after Stairway. Another genius tune by Jimmy.
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