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  1. Rick Beato was able to get YouTube to unblock his Led Zeppelin video — What Makes This Song Great? Ep.87 LED ZEPPELIN (#2) "Ok, this video was originally blocked and I got an email from YouTube today saying it was unblocked. I didn’t do anything it just happened. Thank you Led Zeppelin:) and all of you who reached out to them on Twitter. I think that’s what did it." ~ Rick Beato. Here is his original video from 2 days prior: And a BIG thank you to not only Rick Beato for making this video, but also, whatever fans helped get Youtube to release it. .
  2. That opposing dirtbag lawyer finally lost a big one! I wonder if Rick Beato will post a new vid about this on his YouTube channel.
  3. I remember seeing similar lyrics printed on the 45 sleeve at my local DC record store around 1983-ish. And since then I have always sung that one line as - I wanna go where there is rest and show. Also, who really believes that that StH lyric really is - Our shadows taller than our souls. It has always sounded to me like - I share an old story that I've told.
  4. . Wow! I am surprised at some of the harshness towards the EPIC Carouselambra. That one is easily in my top 5 Zep favorites. Great vocals by Robert. Fantastic guitar by Jimmy, and powerful drums by Bonham( just check out 01:08 ) Anywho, my disliked Zep songs are only the following- - Poor Tom - Candy Store Rock - Walter's Walk - Bonzo's Montreux Those are the ones that I have never liked and probably never will. I LOVE everything else. Though Dyer Maker is really starting to wear and tear on me. .
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