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  1. My older brother bought the 8-track (yes I said 8-track) tape of the 4th Album. I was in 8th grade (37 years ago) and I would listen to the whole tape over and over on my parent’s old stereo using the new Pioneer headphones that I bought with money I saved from my paper route. I fell asleep many nights in a chair listening to the wondrous sounds of this incredible band. Stairway to Heaven was the song that hooked me for good. Growing up in a little town in northern Wisconsin, we use to listen to WLS AM radio out of Chicago. The radio stations in my area only played Top 40, bubble gum crap. I remember waiting for Physical Graffiti to arrive my junior year... stunning! In My Time of Dying is an all time favorite. When the band played that song during the O2 concert I almost lost it! Brought tears to my eyes. As a senior in 1976, Presence arrived and Achilles Last Stand was a regular on the car stereo driving "the loop" crusing with my friends and my now late cousin Scott. Every time I hear Achilles, I remember us with our crazy derby hats driving through town like we were really something... those were the days I miss more with each year that passes. The music, the friends, the memories... my life would be very different without this great band and their magical music!
  2. It's great to see this thread active still... the thanks continue! My only hope is that an official DVD of the show will someday be available. The bootlegs are good, but I'd much rather pay the foundation the concert was held for and get a much better quality video of the entire show. Would be great if there were some back stage clips... My thanks have not lessened over time; they continue to grow as I continue to enjoy the sound track of my life performed by the greatest rock band of all time! THANK YOU AGAIN LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Mine are on display in my home office, often I look at them and the memories of the concert overwhelm my thoughts. In a way I'm happy to have kept them as I sometimes wonder if it was just a magical dream, but I have proof that it was real and it was an incredible night. I can't imagine selling them for any price. Hard to put into words that value they represent to me. Why would anyone sell theirs??? The only other ticket stub that I saved from all the concerts I've seen in my life was from the Robert Plant concert in Toledo, Ohio in 1988. My wife and I had front row center seats, it was the first tour he played Led Zeppelin songs and he knelt down to shake my hand at the end of the show... Incredible night... second only to the O2 LZ reunion show!!!
  4. It's almost 1 year later... hard to believe how time passes so quickly. But the memory and the joy of seeing Led Zeppelin for the first time has not faded. Thanks for many who too the risk and recorded video and audio clips, I'm able to "live those moments" again and again. So, after many years of loving this band and after one year having seen them Live in concert, I say thank you again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again... Many generations from now, our decendants will marvel at the amazing music created by these talented lads. They will wonder what it was like to have lived in these times. We are the lucky ones to have known them, grew up listening to their music and the few of us who were able to see them... as they played their Swan Song.
  5. I wish the guys could see these posts... They have meant so much to so many for so long. I had the opportunity to shake Robert's hand during a concert in Toledo, OH in 1988. It was after a concert when he started to play Zep songs again. I wish I could shake all their hands and simply say... THANK YOU!
  6. I grew up in a little town in Northern Wisconsin where the local radios stations would not play any Led Zeppelin music. I first heard Led Zeppelin late nights listening to AM radio stations like KAAY out of Little Rock, Arkansas or Chicago's WLS. When my older brother bought an 8-track of the 4th album, I wore it out playing those amazing songs on one of the most incredible albums ever produced. I graduated in 1976 and Presense was an obsession with "Achilles Last Stand" becoming one of my all time favorite songs... So, I will never be able to say this enough.... THANK YOU LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!
  7. Who said their heyday has passed? My son is a LZ fan, My son-in-law is a LZ fan, my nephew is only 13 and loves LZ, my grandson is only 3 years old and likes to rock to these great tunes already. I wonder when, or if, LZ will nolonger gain fans in future generations. The song remains the same...
  8. It's great to hear these comments... I'm sure the boys will be happy to read them also. I sometimes wonder if they really understand how deeply they have affected so many people across several generations. I'm confident this will continue for several generations into the future because I believe their music is truely timeless. I heard a joke once, "You know you are getting old when they play Led Zeppelin on the easy listening channel"... but actually I young everytime I listen to their music. The music is a bridge back in time to my youth yet continues to be current and appropriate with each year I grow older.
  9. I'm hopeful many more of us post notes of thanks like yours in this thread... Thank you Zengac
  10. There have been thousands of posts covering hundreds of issues. Please use this tread to simply say thank you to Led Zeppelin, the boys who have given us a great sound track for our lives. I'm 49 years old, husband, father, grandfather, business executive, and most who know me at work had no idea how much a Zeppelin fan I am! To attend the concert in London was such a very special gift for me. To be with so many who share my love of this band and their music was more wonderful that I can express. The music of Led Zeppelin is incredible, special, unique, powerful, meaningful, sad, happy, passionate, loving, erotic, playful, deep, mystic, therapeutic, calming, exciting, bright, complex, diverse, etc. etc. etc. It has helped me through many good times and bad. You can hear the influence in so many other bands over the many years since Zeppelin first landed on our planet. So, it's difficult to fully express the joy and happiness that their music has brought to so many people. Think about it, 30 years after their last tour of the United States, there were millions wishing to get the opportunity to see them, at great expense, in London. Led Zeppelin owes us nothing, we owe them so much... Thank you Jimmy! Your vision and those magical fingers... Thank you Robert! A voice without compare... Thank you John Paul! Diverse yet constant, key to the LZ sound... Thank you John and Jason! Thunder and lightening of 2 generations... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hey everyone... I just listened to The Song Remains The Same off this station's live feed. I clicked on LOW KBPS button and it switched to HIGH KBPS (damn near CD quality). This is bootleg audio from the show but sounds pretty damn good! I was in nose bleed seats the night of the show, this sounds like the person recording the show had much better location! So, i'm sure the server will be overwhelmed tomorrow, but they are going to air the whole show!!! Good listening... I've heard there are MP3s of the entire show online already. Andy
  12. I have to agree that Led Zeppelin is the greatest classic hard rock band ever... this century or last. This concert event is hard for me to describe. We had seats way up, stage right, but the sound was wonderful and the big screen behind the stage gave us a clear view of what was happening on stage. The music, the fans, the light/video show... outstanding, incredible, wonderful, amazing, etc. etc. etc. I'm so looking forward to the DVD of this show. The pics and vid clips I have and those posted online are very nice and help me relieve and reinforce my memories of that night, but I'm sure the DVD will be a killer... HD with Dolby Digital... it will be awsome to view at home and keep the neighbors entertained. Thank you Led Zeppelin, Jimmy, John Paul, Jason and Robert. Thank you Atlantic Records. Thank You London for being a wonderful host to so many of us from all points of the globe. I've been a die hard Led Zeppelin fan for over 30 years. To be in the company of so many fans like myself and together, experience the best rock concert of all time... words simply can not fully describe the emotions I feel. Led Zeppelin... THE GREATEST... EVER!!!!
  13. I'm coming from Dallas area (grew up in little town in Northern Wisconsin) with son-in-law (won chance to buy the tickets) from Central Illinois. Be in London Sunday afternoon. Staying at the International with what sounds like many many other Zep Fans from all part of the globe. We should all gather in the lobby Sunday night around 7:00 and head out for a Zep Pub Crawl... where your best Zep stuff.
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