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    I try not to snoop, if I've visited your profile there's a good chance it was accidental, as my touch screen phone seems to send me wherever I touch. Only bringing it up because I've been to one profile ten times now, accidents all.
  1. Ok I guess I better learn the right way, I'll just Youtube it
  2. Besides the 40 to 60 minutes of cardio (3 to 5/week) I've been playing with doing just one warm up set per exercise, then one heavy set to exhaustion, as opposed to 3+ sets. It saves time and I'm curious if anyone can prove this is less effective...
  3. For me it was '78, in California, listening to Dazed in the dark at a friend's. He had some special stereo system that made everything sound so awesome. From there I started thinking perhaps every driving guitar riff I've heard throughout my life might be this Page character...and, upon buying all thier albums I found most were!
  4. Sir if you like writting books, maybe try the angle of daily minutia in our hero's lives. Tired of bio's with the same rehashed catch words ("oh look a Page bio, let's count the references to ( insert predictible occult icon's here)". How about what it was like to go from humble to hunted star? To go from worrying about finally paying Uncle Liam back the £300 you owe to wealth in your early twenties. First mansion, first plane, the day the girl that dumped you in school met you backstage--the transition from being one of us to, well, what they became. Maybe even a little about the road back do
  5. I have (I think) the link to a large version, let me try to find it. http://imgur.com/1nBwM
  6. Yes I've always been bad at "learning" songs from memory, usually long after the last time I hear them. Have never done the slowed down cd thing. So yeah, the purists always clobber me with "uh, you know that's an A minor diminished augmented with a whirley que--right? Not a power chord!"
  7. I'm looking at the guitar but being pretty lazy, will definitely try it first thing though!
  8. Actually I was just picturing the open E twelfth fret E version. I'd figure there's nothing easier, as it's my go-to riff when I want to show off by playing with my nose, or drumsticks, etc
  9. Well. I couldn't display photo, so I made it my profile picture!
  10. Darn , can't posts pics via phone
  11. Exactly! Seems so strange this isn't mentioned anywhere! I was disappointed to see this forum doesnt notify me when I get responses, though it may be a mobile site problem. Yeah, day two, still no new info on my part! Thanks for posting the pic, I'll see if I can display the version I found...
  12. Mine was not a signature by the way, three grand-ish I believe.
  13. I hope there's a major difference in the signature model than the one I bought in '05. After literally dreaming of owning one my whole life, I sent it back the next day! It was just so...blah--ackward, fat neck, no magic feel like I expected. Still can't believe I actually lived to own one!
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