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  1. Same distance for me. I am in the southern part of Ohio.
  2. I finally got brave and found a pic. Me on this past Mother's day.
  3. Does anyone even know who they are? www.ghostlandobservatory.net check out the videos or go to youtube... The best song is Midnight Voyage.
  4. It was very good...I watched it 3 times. It prompted me to go have a listen to some old favorites again. The show made me realize his "reasoning" about not going in the same direction musically is similar to Plants....which to me...makes more sense now after watching this show.
  5. I seen these guys on Austin City Limits (rerun). They definately caught my attention! Sorry if this has been posted before...but like I said I just recently watched the episode of ACL. And actually I like some of their stuff....very different! (last paragraph) http://www.stylusmagazine.com/reviews/ghos...i-lightning.htm Ghostland Observatory Paparazzi Lightning Trashy Moped 2006 B I have a confession: I knew I would like Ghostland Observatory a long time ago. But I was busy. I assumed someone else would do the honors of an appropriately lavish write-up—certainly no decent
  6. I was flipping channels last night on tv and Stars on Ice was on NBC. I waited a second because the music they were playing sounded familiar....sure enough....I'm Gonna Crawl was the music that this male skater was skating too! They played the whole song and the guy did a good routine to the grand music of Led Zeppelin!
  7. http://music.msn.com/music/year-in-review/...sses/?GT1=28134 Robert and Alison placed #1 spot on the Hit List of MSN's "08" Hit and Miss sorry if this was posted already somewhere.
  8. Could someone give me a run down of what was said. I have tried and tried to open the link and it keeps closing on me. Thanks
  9. I just think it was f*&%ed up that the Sun decided to publish such an article on the "day" they did!. The anniversary of the passing of Bonzo. Really inconsiderate and cruel. Can you imagine how the Bonhams must have felt reading that !?! especially since it was full of bull anyhow!
  11. Yep. You are probably right Steve..I do remember that. I was just hoping that it meant something more....maybe like something Zep related. I know...wishful thinking.
  12. Anyone see this yet? I wonder why they dropped the DVD? http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/the-blend...rop-a-fox-show/ 06.27.2008 8:41 am Concert update: Robert Plant/Alison Krauss drop a Fox show By Kevin C. Johnson Email this Share this Print this Digg Yahoo! Del.icio.us Facebook Reddit Drudge Google Fark Stumble It! The Robert Plant/Alison Krauss concert with T Bone Burnett at the Fox Theatre is changing yet again. First, the June 19 show was moved to Sept. 24, with a Sept. 25 show added. Both shows were set to be filmed for a live DVD. Now we learn that’s all changi
  13. catsclaw...there's a link to the CMT site here on the board. That way you can watch the award being given out. Its in the Pre/Post Zeppelin section under Gone, Gone, Gone wins award...when you get to the CMT site...just scroll down to Wide Open Country and its about 1/2 way thru that video. Hope this helps ya.
  14. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Playing Austin City Limits Festival Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have been announced as headliners at the Austin City Limits Music Festival scheduled for Sept. 26-28 in Austin, Texas. Other artists on the bill include the Foo Fighters, Beck, Manu Chao, John Fogerty, Neko Case, Robert Earl Keen, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch, the Eli Young Band, Kevin Fowler, Yonder Mountain String Band, Shooter Jennings, Asleep at the Wheel, Ryan Bingham, Band of Heathens, Sunny Sweeney and dozens more. Three-day passes are currently available for $170. http://www.cmt.com
  15. Sorry but I still cant read the print...even with double clicking and enlarging it the little bit it does. Any suggestions on enlarging any other ways....would changing my screen options help?
  16. I got mine! Really glad now.
  17. I know...I was even laughing at myself for being so gullable. I was so embarrased by my impulse to post before thinking and gullability that I almost decided not to post anymore. Then I thought no...this is too funny, if it was someone else I know I would have laughed too. I told my 22 yr old son about it and he had a good laugh too. Its always best to laugh at yourself anyhow. Good one Steve! Maybe next time I will think before I act. ...I doubt it knowing me...LOL
  18. Shows ya just how little I know about rap....Stupid me even went and looked up the lyrics...thats when I seen how stupid my first thoughts were...LOL...you got me good!
  19. Yep....I fell into that bigger than shit didnt I....LOL
  20. I have a feeling you are laughing your ass off at me. LOL
  21. No Way???????? You are pulling my leg...arent ya?????sorry but thats hard to see..but I dont know alot on music history.
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