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  1. So what categories did they win in? I watched some of the show and only saw 3 that they won. I have the CD (my son got it for me when it first came out) but I'm so sorry, I just can't get into that music. They sing great together, but need to get much better (material) songs. Glad he actually mentioned Jimmy for helping write that song. Maybe if they dump the Bluegrass/Country sound and do something a little more upbeat I would like it better!
  2. I really miss that channel....and NO I have never heard any of Page or Jones solo material! Do you think they will ever bring it back on???
  3. I'll be realistic....just to see Page, Jones, Jason would be great. I missed a chance to see Robert and Allison.
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, is he single or is he married?? Let's get this straight! (Just curious)
  5. These are so funny, my fav is OLD YARDBIRDS and Jimmy Page and Union Station.
  6. Both great bands with different kind of rock to their roll. AC/DC ROCKS...HARD...Zep is just all around great. Really depends on the music mood you are in. Someday it is a Stairway to Heaven day, other days it's Dirty Deeds day. I keep both in my car CD player just for when the urge hits me for that special song.
  7. I thought he was a vegetarian. Since I worked in surgery a few years I will exam his abdominal extremity for a scar, nasty surgery=twisted colon!
  8. That is why I used that word for my name. I guess I'm a little : U.K. disorderly or chaotic: poorly organized and in a messy or chaotic state I guess Jimmy used it one time in a statement so I took a fancy to it!
  9. Annie, so glad he finally got the book! I was fortunate to get a message off to him, even if it was small. I hope he reads and enjoys the work you went thru and the expense! I, too, don't let my family or friends know about this. The music I listen to and follow is my own private passion.
  10. Great post, enjoyed the interview! I really like the looks of his video with Alison Krauss! I'm even starting to like the songs now! Country music is not one of my favorites. But Robert does a really great job with it.
  11. This is really tough for me to remember cause I had a 8-track tape of the 4th album and as I remember it had 2 extra tracks on it. They were "Out on the Tiles" and "Gallows Pole". The 1st LP I had was "Houses of the Holy". That was a long time ago and I can't really remember which one I bought first!! I don't always buy things in order.
  12. All are great, but the one I love is "Over the Hills and Far Away"
  13. Sad but true! XM Led goes off sometime in May I heard. I listen to it everyday when I drive back and forth to work!! Heard Plant/Page "Walking into Clarksdale" yesterday.
  14. This will be my first CD of Robert Plant, but I just ordered "Pictures at Eleven". I gave a short listen to the rest of his and felt that his 1st solo CD was (in my opinion) his best as far as the sound that I wanted to hear out of him. I have a few of his songs I got off of i-Tunes, like "Big Log" and "Sea of Love" which are my favorites. He is such a great singer, even my "older" friends love to listen to him. That is why I am getting this CD.....taking it to work with me and turning on the good tunes!!
  15. Oh - I guess I now have to go on the hunt for Playboy...at least that Zeppelin related purchase will have some compensation for my long suffering husband!
  16. Please don't say Jimmy looks like the Quaker oatmeal guy, cause I had to grow up near a factory that made that stuff and the smell was horrible! Plus, I'm allergic to the stuff!
  17. To Jimmy Page, the creator of music and dreams Jimmy, you have made countless millions of people around the world so happy with all the music you created. This book contains the thoughts, the memories, and the thanks from some of those people. We are grateful you shared yourself with us, and appreciate the personal cost involved in that process. Fame must make your life hard in so many ways, but we hope the love of your fans will be some compensation for the toll that being as famous as you are must take on your life. May all your days be filled with happiness, and whenever those days co
  18. I gotta agree, I do not like the Crunge song, but at that time, it would have been okay to put HOTH on the album with the same name. I think it was a '70's thing.
  19. I think "Stairway" is still one of the best, so that is why I chose it. I can't seem to get tired of the song, it is so lovely!
  20. Great news to start my week out on! Great pix's of Jimmy to start my day out on!! He is looking better all the time! Let's go rock'n in the states, Jimmy!!
  21. shambolic

    Zurich 1980

    I heard it was going to be on, and I missed it too! Wish they would play it again!
  22. PageAngel, it is a very impressive gift to give to someone like Jimmy Page! It would be nice if you could be the one to hand it to him. You are the one who put all the work into this project. Good luck and keep us informed.
  23. This is my favorite CD, so I had a hard time choosing, but I picked "What Is and What Should Never Be"......the song puts me in a happy mood !!
  24. Happy Birthday, Jimmy Page!! And many, many, more ! Enjoy the day!
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