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  1. Though he's not been a memember of Deep Purple for some time now , His passing was a sad loss
  2. Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey Backstage Together Anyone got unusual footage like this ?
  3. PAGE = PLANT Hey Hey what can i do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXYgBLg0Mss
  4. Sorry i didn't see this thread . ive just started another one exactly the same Rival Sons & Toy both ace
  5. Ive got Jennings Farm Blues somewhere at home , but i can;t remember what apart from the title track the others sounded like
  6. The trouble with classic bands Zep, The Who , stones ,sabbath et al is that they be here much longer two of my favourite new bands are Rival Sons & Toy anyone recommend any others ?
  7. I think they should play the track "Heaven & HELL " as a tribute to Ronnie .live Its thet last track Ozzy tried out with the band in 79 ,he could do it justice
  8. If Robert Plant does n't want a reunion ,Myles Kennedy was n't good enough . How about the other two & jason with Michael White ? Michael White (self titled )album is as good as any Robert plant solo album ) its sounds like Zep ,yet different he not only sounds & looks like Plant ,but can write new material Michael White & The White is an American hard rock combo and occasional Led Zeppelin cover band, formed around singer Michael White. Michael White started his career in 1973. He played with Los Angeles-based The Boyz, which line-up included Mick Brown and George Lynch (both of later Dokken fame), and he is credited as being a vocalist in early incarnations of London and Mötley Crüe.[1] Michael White formed The White in 1977 with guitarist Lanny Cordola (of Giuffria, House of Lords). Since then, he has toured with The White extensively through North America and Europe.[2]They recorded two CDs for the Griffin Music label: Michael White/The White (1990) and Michael White Plays the Music of Led Zeppelin (1994), which were later re-released as a double-album under the title A Tribute To Led Zeppelin - Studio Sessions, Volume One & Volume Two.
  9. Has anyone heard Led Zeppelin Studio sessions Outtakes 11 cd Box set Antrabata whats the quality like ?
  10. Has anyone heard Led Zeppelin Studio sessions Outtakes 11 cd Box set Antrabata what sort quality are they ?
  11. Had Coverdale/Page done an the (cancelled but booked) planned arena tour of the US ,instead of the few dates in japan,I think the project might have lasted longer I know Plant came calling , But Plant who had released Fate Of Nations seemed to be jealous of Coverdale, But when it came to working with Jimmy , He seemed to hold him back on the guitar front on Walking into Clarksdale ,unlike players on fate of nations and Manic Nirvana Coverdale/Page is fine album as is Fate of Nations ,shame w.i.c was a mix of both I
  12. There was 6 Band of Joy demo tape songs some can bee heard here but he's supposed to have recorded a a tape of solo songs to take to record companies (post b.o.j pre-zep )
  13. Black Sabbath were recording an album with their original line-up , Know it looks like Bill Ward has left for good. Its a shame because they are very similar in line-up to Led Zep ,though their drummer issue is a lot different The first time a band member that left in 1979 i'e Ozzy , then Bill and even Geezer left , IT got down to just Tony Iommi , You would have thought they'd have learnt their lesson before now. Bill Ward says hes on a lot less money and deserves to be on the same because he is an original member,He's been left out before in 1997 they did the Ozzfest tour without him I will probably buy the new release ,but it won't be the same , especially as Bill Ward is still alive.
  14. In Dave Lewis's A Celebration book of Led Zeppelin recording sessions ( i cant find mine ) it lists songs tried out including earlier versions of songs and cover version rehearsalI would love to hear more songs like the coda , hey hey what can i do , travelling riverside blues & "Baby Come On Home" Jennings Farm Blues CD is ok
  15. Jones in Mojo says (while he was pefectly happy with) that it was page that was n't keen on continuing with Myles Kennedy on vocals.he sang the old zep stuff and new stuff The bath sessions plant says that the drummer got injured , jones tinked on keyboards , page played soring guitar and he plotted away on bass , Talking Heads meets Husker Du he described it has
  16. In Mojo magazine J.P.Jones stated that along with Page & Jason ,they had recorded new material with Myles Kennedy around 2009 I would love to hear these songs this along with the 1986 Bath sessions of Plant . Page , Jones and the late live-aid/chic drummer Tony Thompson along with Plants post b.o.j pre-zep audition tape I don't either have surfaced
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