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    This would be in a house where nobody worried about cleaning the toilets. Other than the maid.....
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    I have seen that!
  3. It's great that all those people helped with financing...had to help with financing! Can you imagine going to the studio and trying to explain that Movie??
  4. Remember it? It's still there! I haven't played there since 1997, but that show was with Sevendust and Anthrax, and was officially off the hook! I felt honored to play in a piece of rock history.
  5. Or possibly Jimmy Page has a wider musical range than your giving him credit for. As you say, it's your opinion.
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    Beaver Productions!! Holy crow that takes me back! Seen alot of shows in the 70's-80's brought to town by "The Beaver". My band is playing with UFO this month.
  8. Stick size matters not when talking about ability.... it matters when you consider what style of music you are playing with your sticks. 5a, and 5b are perfectly suited for learning technique and rudiments. I use 2b when the volume and style calls for it. If i try to play with 5b's with my main project (heavy groove metal) I'll go through them like a buzzsaw. With my two cover bands I use 5b's always, because of the decreased volume, and increased chops needed. Use what you have, and when you're ready you can let your musical aspirations decide which equipment will be best. Good luck
  9. 31 Gotta look up some of those guys though.... who in the hell is Mick Box??
  10. uh...... Double post? Look Over There!!!!!!!
  11. I guess I shouldn't have assumed they were out of production, nearsightedness on my part! I think in the U.S the equivalent stick is an elongated 5B going by various model names. Post a Pic!
  12. Not sure what John Bonhams unfortunate death in late 1980 has to do with ITTOD being recorded in late 1978 and released in "79"?? A pair of decent albums from 1980.. Van Halen - Women and children first Ac/Dc Back In black Of course, not much in the bass department there.
  13. Of course he's not the greatest of all time....but he's got a fantastic start, and time.
  14. I think it's a sign that steroid use is alive in the drumming world. I feel cheesy playing DB sixteenths for more than four bars!
  15. Then lets move the venue to Vegas!! It's closer for us west coast types, and a hell of alot more fun than New Yawk!
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