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  1. I first got hooked when I was a kid learning guitar. The first song I learned on the guitar was Stairway; that did for me. Many, many years later, as a bass player for hard rock bands, Jones became my god; making my overall love for Zeppelin limitless. I had all of Jones' lines down and they greatly influenced my own bass "voice" as I mature as a musician. I always played with that same blues-rock feel and I never diverted from it. The result? I became a bad-ass on the bass all because of my love of Zeppelin and, in particular, Jones' exquisite lines.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm eating my bird with Stairway looping low in the background. I need my Zeppelin fix everday!
  3. Then your package could strech as long as the Hindendenburg on Zeppelin's first album's cover. Shit.
  4. They are all great songs so picking one is impossible! I choose all of them!! My favorite song: Going To California
  5. Which Led Zeppelin books do you recommend? I am currently reading this one:
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