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  1. i thought it was about a lady who died and went to heavan. but when she got there it wasnt what she thought it was going to be. now i think its about selling your soul to satan because of the thing about the piper leading us and because i read that jimmy is a satan worshiper because he liked that 666 guy and what he wrote about
  2. my girlfriends best freind is really fat because she never exersises. so some us of took her to a gym as a guest and she refused to even stay on the tredmill for more than like 30 minutes. and then she said she cant lose weight because its in her geanetecs. so how do you make somebody who is fat learn to change is what i cant figure,
  3. i just saw the godfather on tv for the first time at it was awesome
  4. jesse jackson what is the best pie?
  5. ^ makes me want a cup of coffee < just ate a turkey burito and liked it
  6. they should get some government help like the car makers because people need these jobs now
  7. were the beAtles irish? i herd that liverpool has mostly irish people.
  8. ^ has a really kewl avater < is having a pumkin pie milkshake
  9. i wish for happy thing for all the led zep fans this year.
  10. everybody always says that stairway to heaven is about something bad like the devil or some of that stuff. but i listed to this song like maybe a few hundred times and i never heard anything about that stuff. on the internet lots of things on google talk about this song being evil but are they just making it up.
  11. i already said in the other thread but we had fried chicken mash potatos with gravy mac and cheess and spicy fied peppers. turkey is really very boring and dry. i think thanksgiving is a scam for turkey farmers because most people dont eat turkey all year except at thankgiving.
  12. the beetles were english but they sound irish in some ways to me. and mick jagger is english but he sounds different then the beetles or robert plant so im not joking.
  13. we had fried chicken insted of turkey this year and it was pretty good. turkey is to dry and takes along time to make. my mother usually does something different because why not.
  14. maybe its just me but i like the original the best. i heard some covers by the band of joy and they were not the same
  15. is he english or irish because he does sound different to me to
  16. this only happens because i heard the union people were so greedy that they let hostess company go into bankrupt when they could have just gone to work
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