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  1. i just got hucklberry fin by mark twain for school
  2. i wish led zep could play at the superbowl like the stones and the who did. that would have been a great achevment for them if they could do that. i think they could still do it if they want to just like the did the reunion consert in england.
  3. zep 4 is the best because it has there best song stairway to heavan. i think most people pick this one because it also sells more then the other ones
  4. i had to find this song on youtube because i didn't no it. but it is pretty good
  5. best ever rock and roll band even more that the beatles or elvis
  6. im a teenager but we didnt make the world the mess it is.
  7. i got zep four first and then some others later. i am just now getting into vinyl records that i buy at garage sales. my dad had hundreds of old records but is no way good about letting my even borrow them.
  8. but people my age never got a chance and we are still big fans anyway. most of the people who are my age and into classic rock would all pay big money to see zeppelin. they would have way more new fans if they wanted to.
  9. kashimere whole lot of love achiles last stand stairway to heaven immigrant song
  10. i think guys probably like jimmy more and girls go for Robert plant more. I used to think Bonzo was my favorite but after i saw it might get loud i was an instant Jimmy Page fan. this guy is just so knowlegeable about the guitar.
  11. that would just be wierd and no i dont share her photo on facebook either or her mom would kill me
  12. Bonzo and Keith moon are the best but to bad they are gone
  13. i just have to get done with high school is all and get a better job then working at the mall. history is so stupid anyway because it just depends on who is in charge and the history always changes. i dont think people with college make it any better jobs anyway. i see more people with college doing jobs you prolly dont need college for anyway.
  14. i heard that bonzo made his drums louder by putting aluminum foil inside. is this where they got the name heavy metal from?
  15. i have to work on a freaking term paper about the founding fathers. my history teacher is a total freak about all this old stuff. nobody really cares abuot anymore. my girlfriends sister is going to write the report because she likes history and im going to pay her 50 dollars.
  16. because she plays games like that all the time. i think she likes to frustrate me and act all hard to get sometimes. but i wasnt like sycko angry like that. dude she is so hot she would make any guy crazy but im glad she was okay
  17. my only music room is my computer an my ipod
  18. my girlfiend wore a sweater today. She is so hot!
  19. i dont have a problem because sombody paid for it before they gave it to me
  20. this stuff is really cool
  21. number 4 is the best but I think number 2 is really good too. after i hear them all i'll know more about which ones are good
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