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  1. lovely, lovely picutres! something with that double neck guitar and jimmy = sweetness! thanks for sharing. xo
  2. ah, you guys remind me of when i seen them, its a nonstop high that lasts for days! then within a week or 10 days, i would see them again, either at the LA forum,, or long beach arena. you lucky people! sooo envious of you all, yet happy you witnessed one of the true rock concerts, you will ever see, and hear!!
  3. hands down my favorite zeppelin song. i can only imagine how it sounded. tho i have seen it live before, i am pleased others got to witness its awesome-ness. (is that a word?)
  4. first time LA Forum 1973. from then on opening and closing nights at the LA Forum/Long Beach Arena, till the of bozo.
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