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  1. <Fate of nations>, also is very cool... Down to the sea 29 Palms If I were carpinter I believe But I prefer < Mighty Rearranger>.
  2. <Mighty Rearranger> I love that album, from start to finish. Sounds so fresh and I have weakness for the songs with <arabic waves>. Tin Pan Alley (so dark, I love when exploits). All the king horses Enchanter Another Tribe Somebody Knockin' Dancing in Heaven Freedom Fries
  3. Why I can't tell that Led Zeppelin is the best band for me? Why Beatles or Rolling Stones are better? God says that? Everyone has an opinion.
  4. Awesome album <Stormbringer>. I love the Mk3.
  5. I see Jeff Beck in Buenos Aires few years ago on the same place when played Robert Plant. Was amazing.
  6. Why some people says The wanton song? They have played on the tour in 1975. I don't know if they have played Gallow's pole complete. My choice is: The rover and I'm gonna crawl.
  7. The song remains the same. It's perfect, so powerful, so happy. The best choice to open a concert. (1977-79).
  8. Of course, Led Zeppelin with Rainbow and Deep Purple (1968-1993).
  9. Yes, Jimmy Page is the best guitar player with Ritchie Blackmore and Jeff Beck.
  10. Hi, I'm new on the forum. I'm from Mar del Plata (Argentina), and this are some pictures from me in Buenos Aires, few days ago when I went to the city to see Robert Plant. Sorry for my english... Slowly I will learning.
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