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  1. It's difficult for me to pick a favorite. When I try to pick one, the songs proceed in an order that makes me unable to find one that sits above the others. I'm Gonna Crawl Fool In The Rain Carouselambra All My Love Hot Dog In The Evening South Bound Saurez Lately I've been listening to In Through The Outdoor in a song sequence mix of what the album could have been by including the Coda songs as if there weren't time limitations with albums on original LPs vs. modern-day CDs or downloads. 1. In The Evening 2. Wearing And Tearing 3. South Bound Saurez 4. Fool In
  2. Remember that dual-layer DVDs have to switch layers in the middle. My old DVD player would always do a slight half-second pause of the video and audio at this juncture because it had little memory. This usually doesn't happen on a computer or modern Blu-ray players since they buffer DVDs/Blu-rays to memory as they play. So I wouldn't say it's a flaw with the Celebration Day DVD. Rather, it's a flaw with standalone DVD players. Most Blu-rays are dual-layer (50GB) too except most Blu-ray players buffer the video very well so it's not noticed during a layer change. However, Celebration Day
  3. I've seen a lot of comments on the editing with reference to cutting to the back-drop screen. I think what people are commenting on is the edits to the 8mm footage (both 4:3 and 16:9) shot from the audience by Carruthers' crew which I can see being mistaken as screen footage when it's really not. (You can tell most of the time by the film's exposed sprocket hole(s) being visible at the left of these shots.) Still, I agree with the comments in that I find these extremely obvious low-def 8mm shots are glaring in contrast quality-wise for a few seconds here and there most of the time with the bea
  4. Presence is and has been my favorite Zeppelin album since I put it on my turntable in 1981. It's just the perfect mix of deep rock and avant-garde Zeppelin ever recorded.
  5. Plant has always struggled between loving Zeppelin, being Percy, and protecting the legacy in the respect of his fallen mate. I'm sure it's a huge burden. It's what has contributed to the magic of the band and the thirst for more. I don't wish I had that responsibilty for anything. It must be a heavy weight. "To do actually anything at all together is such an incredible weight. Because sometimes we were fucking awful, and sometimes were stunning…" — Robert Plant at the press conference for Celebration Day in NYC on October 9, 2012
  6. This release has satisified my three criteria for a concert release: 1. Listening to it on a road trip 2. Listening to it in the office while on the computer working 3. Watching and listening to it on my HD 7.1 home theater setup The additional #4 criteria not usually associated with a live DVD/Blu-ray/CD release is that it kicked proverbial ass in the theater a month or so ago as well. Celebration Day exceeds my expectations and keeps surprising me on each listen. The bonus DVD with the full rehearsal is just an unbelievable gift to the fans. What a great current release fro
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