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  1. still watching the "best of" votes on Votenumber1 Plant has really moved up for best rock singer and Page is in 3rd? Stairway to heaven and Whole lotta love nominated for best 5 rock songs of all-time hope everyone is going to vote Vote, vote, vote!
  2. c'mon gang, the vote is as close as close can get now Queen at 25.06% Zeppelin at 24.98% The Beatles at 24.98% Bon Jovi at 24.98% next elimination day is 1-29 let's keep voting and for Robert and Jimmy too in their categories. spread the word around to those that may not know...that's what these knucklehead Queen fans have been doing for months I actually heard a DJ from NY talk about this on the radio this morning vote here
  3. wow, Bon Jovi took over Zeppelin's spot in 2nd place maybe their fan base is really that big? I am not watching Zeppelin get eliminated this Monday Keep voting and spread the word around! This is nuts! vote for Zeppelin here
  6. think Queen fans are getting a bit concerned now as Zeppelin is quietly catching up gotta watch the Beatles too as they have moved up a lot recently well, let's keep voting for the guys vote for zeppelin here
  7. surprisingly Axl Rose is right behind Freddie in second. I saw some Guns sites and they are pushing him. I guess the fans get behind it and it takes off. That's the way it goes. I would think we could do the same as Plant should be top 3 if not #1. Call it silly or whatever you want but some fans are into it. I vote every day because I figure why not? It takes 1 sec to vote. I don't want Zeppelin losing to Queen. They are catching up nicely btw.
  8. first of all,,,,which polls are you talking about? to be honest, I have never voted on a poll for best rock band ever voted by the fans the only ones I have seen are from industry "experts" or on VH1 please show me all these polls Zeppelin won by the fans...I would be very interested in seeing this. As far as guitarists, I think some of it is due to a band's popularity. Sambora is very good but not great. Steve Lukather deserves to be in there as he is one of the best ever and any guitarist will tell you so. But to be honest, do you think Page should be in there over Satriani, Vai, Clapton, etc? But right now, he is.You could also make an argument for Larry Carlton, Stevie Ray, etc.....different styles of course. I don't mind voting as I support Zeppelin as best rock band and Plant as best rock singer. I really don't want Queen fans thinking they deserve to win ANY poll over Zeppelin. Why not vote? What's the big deal...it's a click once a day.
  9. I hope we all get behind Plant and vote for him and he wins this thing. if anyone is a member of any other sites for Zeppelin, please post the link to votenumber1.com Queen fans think Freddie is gonna be a slam dunk on this one. I like Freddie too but Plant was better in his prime.
  10. not for nothing, but have you ever heard Lukather play before? As much as I love Zeppelin, Page is not in the same league. This guy is "lights out" and can play any style with any one. He is the best in the world here is a sample and he is just hacking around in a room http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtVsJmCz3NU
  11. Queen fans have been pounding the tables on this one It's on a lot of Queen sites all over the world. Zeppelin fans can do the same. I am sure if this reached more in England, we would be blowing them away. I have posted it on several sites so if you know of any others, do the same. Queen should not take this and Plant should win best rock singer of all-time. Let's turn it up! We are only 1 % behind Queen right now.
  12. just posted that voting begins monday, jan 7 vote here let's get our votes in and also keep voting for Zeppelin & Page too Queen fans are pounding the tables so let's spread the word Plant should win this hands down!
  13. Zeppelin still trailing to Queen think we could drum up some more support elsewhere, other forums? Queen fans have this vote all over the net Zeppelin should be winning this Plant was nominated best rock singer of all time too so that should be a good one! vote here
  14. Zeppelin fans, lets show our support and help vote Led Zeppelin best rock band of all-time currently Queen is winning ... do not allow this to happen here is where u can vote Vote for Zeppelin here
  15. vote for Zeppelin here best rock band of all-time it may be subjective but it's all about the fans...us!!!
  16. gotta give kudos to Aerosmith...Bon Jovi almost 25 years now too. no, not a Queen owned site but I gotta tell you, when you pull up this site, votenumber1.com on google, I think they have hit every Queen forum in the world because it's mentioned. We should spread the word as well...why give Queen a #1 crown when Zeppelin is clearly the best. The internet moves fast if we allow it to so let's get rolling on this. Zep is only 2% behind and I bet many fans are not even aware yet
  17. Led Zeppelin fans, We all need to cast our votes and make them beat out Queen in this vote for "best rock band of all time" We all know who is #1, but with so many people voting for Queen, we should be showing our support as well. Page is also nominated for best guitarist and Plant is coming up for best rock singer Let's unite on this please!!! here is where to vote: vote for led zeppelin!!
  18. well, you said "the guy from Toto" so I'll let you slide on that :-) You made some good points and all well-taken. Page wrote some of the best songs ever...will not take that away from him. He goes down as one of the best. I am sure Luke learned some shit from him too. Anyway, fun to debate as long as no one is mud slinging at great musicians! peace out man,,,I'm beat
  19. Dude, I love Zeppelin, but honestly Page over Lukather? Different leagues my friend. Pages' leads were quite sloppy at times. You want to see a guy kick everyone's arse including Eddie V, then I suggest you watch Luke on youtube Sorry , but u are off on this one ZEPP, YES, NOT PAGE AS THE GREATEST
  20. I don't think it's a Queen fan If you look up foreign Queen forums or votenumber1, it is listed in about every one of them think they just got the word out and fast too we should do the same... any ideas outside of this forum or other zeppelin forums? I mean, Queen should not win this and May not best guitarist by any means unless there really are more Queen fans right now but I doubt that
  21. I say that about many bands...what would have happened what if VH stayed together for 25 years and never stopped? If Zeppelin continued, they would have been bigger than the Beatles by far although, drugs could have killed Page maybe?
  22. well, if the poll is "everywhere", then I suggest we all vote for Zeppelin If it is published somewhere afterwards and it says the public voted on this, how stupid do we look as fans? The Queen fans seems to be stepping up to the plate for heir band. I am voting every day. They should win unless the Beatles do. JMHO.
  23. Should Queen be in the same category as Zeppelin? I don't get it....not even close. Well, I am tired of reading their posts about how Queen is better so let's rally up. Vote for Zeppelin!
  24. Not sure how Page will do but voting just started for best guitarist tonight Votenumber1.com any thoughts if Page will/ should win it?
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