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  1. fantastic show last night. i do not believe any of his contempories could have put on a show like he did last night. no way Sir Paul, Sir Elton, Sir Mick or anybody from his era are still delivering what he is. he really is pretty amazing when you look at the totality of his career. only negative were those port-o-johns. yuk
  2. bad job by conn. fans. only about 5,000 or so there . seats around 10,000. you probably could have picked up a seat for 5 or ten bucks. funny but it seems Plant has most trouble selling tix in the New York area. saw him 2 Yrs ago in NJ with the Band Of Joy in Atlantic City, and only about 2,000 were in there, whole back section empty. He has been selling out most venues around country, although most of those venues are between 3,ooo- 4,000. I don't believe believe RP can sell 10,000 tix anymore as a solo artist. The Brooklyn venue can hold about 7,000, will be interesting to see if he can c
  3. Actually the main reason Jimmy Page nosedived was because of substance abuse. He was a heroin addict from about 1977 to about 1984. When you abuse your body you pay a heavy price. I believe Pages' addictions is what ultimately drove Robert Plant away from Page. Jimmy was an gifted musician, but tragically wasted it on drugs.
  4. jimmy is in retirement, so i think his birthday will come and go wiyh nary a mention except some postings by his fans
  5. jimmy is a legendary guitarist and always will be. however, his days as a creative artist are long over. in my opinion he lost a lot of his ability because of his heavy drug use from about 1977-1984. this is when his decline started. when you abuse your body you do pay a price.
  6. The RIAA has certified 111.5 million in U.S. ranking them 4th, however this number hasn't moved in about 6 years , which i believe an inventory has not been taken in quite a while. How it's updated etc., i have no idea
  7. if james really wanted to get himself out there he would be out with clapton, beck, b.b. king and 30 or so other guitarists on clapton's guitar gods tour. the truth is unless it's the comfort of Zeppelin, jimmy's creating and touring days are long over and have been for 15 yrs or so. Jimmy has little or no ability to be spontaneous ( rarely if ever jumps up on stage if asked to when watching others perform . This man at one time was a creative force, but for a number of reasons has now become an enigma
  8. i believe it sold 191,00 units in first week and 89,000 second. so it moved very little after that. Only very hard core fans purchased. very disappointing because there was a very strong marketing blitz as you recall. The truth is plant/zep fans don,t purchase many cd's anymore. i believe his Mighty Rearranger was a commercial flop also. I think that moved about 250,000 units to date.
  9. saw RP with Band of JOy at Beacon Theater in NYC 2 yrs ago. An incredible show by awesome musicians in that band. For my money the best solo performance by RP since Zep that I witnessed. Buddy Miller, Daryl Scott and Patty Griffin are all world class talents. Can't wait for their next cd.
  10. 55. Bought first album in 72' Led Zep II. First show MSG 75 ( 2 shows ) MSG 77 ( 2 shows ) and yes London 2007 ! What a great ride it's been.
  11. Jack Black did a ok job, but they really could have done better. He's second tier, b-list material. Possible other names, Brian May, Paul Rodgers, Phil Collins, Roger Daltry, all would have been better choices.
  12. The posts that mentioned Plant looking bored, way off the mark. In my 41 yrs. of following him as a fan, I have never seen him so emotional. You could see he was fighting it very hard. Very moving to see. Also, Stairway, which has had a complicated relationship with Plant and fans alike over the years was revived as the historic song it is with a very moving performance. Felt real, real good to be reminded of the emotional impact on the culture of that song through the years. Great job by all muscians in giving tribute to the boys.
  13. Robert's main focus now is to spend as much time as he can with Patty Griffin. The new musical connections he is making through her, Buddy Miller, etc. is what keeps him going now. Oh, and he's in love with her.
  14. i have seen the women live in concert. This women loves to perform. She does not hold back anything as a solo artist. You are in awe of her incredible vocal range and song writing skillls.
  15. happen to see patti perform out on long island in November. Just her and her guitar. For my money the best female singer/songwriter in America. Amazingly gifted performer. Robert has fallen for this women completely.
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