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  1. Stairway to Heaven. Great and Epic Song . But like Deep Purple´s "Smoke on the Water" played to death. Same shit with Frank Zappa and "Bobby Brown". I am a very huge Zappa Fan, but I go nuts if I hear that one. And funny is, that everybody knows that and only that song
  2. Well, at least it is a chance to hear some live Led Zeppelin music. I was at a "Physical Graffiti" Gig last week. They were awesome!!!
  3. Mike, I wish I could see them live, too. I tried to get a ticket for 2007 Show in London. But no chance. You lucky bastard swa them several times and you met Robert. What else do you want??? :-) Best from Germany, Chris
  4. My first one was "The Song remains the Same " Double CD in 86 or 87. But my first record was on Tape: Whole lotta love! Got it from my Nanny in 77. I was 10 Years old then!! My buddies used to hear Abba and stuff!° haha
  5. Since I´ve been loving you London 2007 Celebration Day Blu Ray. What a bass line. My Subwoofer nearly collapses. :-)
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