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  1. Well, at least they still fit nicely in your mouth.
  2. Evil deers. They already know I don't like them LOL
  3. I dare say that your logic is all over the board Sagittarius. Either we become like Switzerland, or we settle for how the world around us turns out.
  4. This morning a deer ran smack into my nativity scene in the front yard and broke the head off of one of one of the wisemen and knocked my American flag over onto the ground.
  5. Can I vote for member 'Planted' here?
  6. What you are talking about is education and not regulation; common sense can never be regulated. What you are calling for is akin to making certain that everyone in a household proves that they know how to swim before the local officials issue a building permit for a homeowner to put in a swimming pool.
  7. You read my post wrong; it was a negative list. But the fact that you agree that they are all "skunk piss" means you know something about that NOT TO DRINK just like me. And your nod to the original Coors Banquet Beer means you understand what I'm saying (see my most underated American domestic beer). Today Pabst beer has become some bizarre trend that the under 25 hipster dufus set likes to drink. For the rest of us, Pabst was always a low end budget beer that some retired auto worker uncle used to buy because he was a cheapskate and a drunk, Nothing that you would actually enjoy drinkin
  8. The whole idea of the thread is to state your "opinion" on beers. If you love Budweiser, more power to you. And I will agree that Bud on tap is slightly better than some of the bottom shelf brands like Pabst and Strohs.
  9. And of course Germany likes the Netherlands unarmed... not that it would ever matter anyway.
  10. Rolling Stones my a thousand miles. Doggy or Kitty?
  11. In some areas yes, but America is a big place and thankfully it doesn't happen everywhere. I live in a very nice area, beautiful homes and very little crime. I'd even say that you could probably leave your doors unlocked and leave for a week without a problem. But about 10 years ago a elderly man a few blocks away was killed by a paroled felon. The attacker was living with other family members across the street from subsequent to his parole from prison for armed robbery . The attacker had been watching the elderly victim for weeks and then one day decided to break into his home to steal from
  12. But based on that type of thinking we don't need troops standing at the ready in Western Europe, the Pacific and other parts of Asia or South America? Any place that is not a "combat zone" does not need a military presence in your view then? Not even our military troops prepared to defend our own shores? My point was that being prepared is not wrong. Not wrong for the police, not wrong for the military, and not wrong for individuals. It's not because of paranoia that these preparations are made. It's because of knowing that at anytime evil people may decide to do harm. Fair enoug
  13. For me it's easier to list the crap beers I would never be caught dead drinking: Coors Light Miller Genuine Draft Pabst Blue Ribbon Corona Tecate Budweiser Bud Light Lowenbrau (the American version) Most overated Imported beer - Heineken Most underated domestic American beer - Coors original Banquet
  14. You need to step back from you misconceptions about guns for a moment. You have already acknowledged that you don't know much about them and that they scare you. But being that you are an intelligent person you would also concede that even your own police unfortunatly do have a legitimate need for them at certain times, right? Alarms, locks and lighting are only part of the security equation. And guns are not the only thing that help keep you safe. Having an overall security plan of action is important no matter where you live; but that plan is different depending on where you live.. you
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