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  1. That is correct it was the family who sought getting money for using Dixon tracks related to zeppelin's versions. Page settle all this shortly after, thus its a closed case. Except for the zep haters who like knocking zep for actually stealing blues numbers and taking it to a new but boring level.
  2. Page's guitar army is based long ago when Page made the comment that the guitar could be used with more depth than just playing the blues. Example Nobody's Fault But Mine Page used two amps facing each other called phasing. He placed two mics on each side per the gap between each of the amps. Here is where he gets that fantastic sonic sound on the opening, middle and endings of the track. Ten Years Gone he overdub the opening and ending of this track with 6 guitars which were delayed by less than a second in time. Its the same guitar but dubbed 6 times to make it simple in my explanation. Anot
  3. Critics hated the LP however the album sold over a million copies and appeared with all the other studio records on the billboard charts in 1979 when zeppelin came out with In Through the Out Door first band to have all their records on the billboard at one time. So Presence stands on its own and is different like all their previous records at the time
  4. The track Houses of the Holy what a great riff and love the quick changes within the riff itself. The Rover another great riff but the other one without question Whole Lotta Love, listen to it close how he changes it ever so slightly on the third one
  5. Page does have a new sound so to speak as we most likely won't be hearing much from him anymore. As for his amps and so on he's still using the Marshall stacks and Orange's but the sound is much more raw than normal. I do agree its a Page trademark however you can hear a difference from his previous live shows per Zeppelin. The Firm years were extremely loud and crunchy but still the Zeppelin years Page was at the nobs much more as you got many varied tones/sounds from him from show to show but I agree the O2 sounded the same throughout no question. Listen to the Shep Studio Rehe
  6. I liked Zeppelin's longest version ever played clocking in at 38 minutes in Seattle 1975 not to be confused with others that clock in at 40 minutes which had Plant rambling on before the track starts which added to the tracks time..... Also I do like the Earls Court versions, plus great Stairway versions at Earls Court are killer....
  7. Many of the books written on the band are simply rubish, the Richard Cole book [sTH] to name one. Some of it is fact while other parts are speculation and bragging's galore ramblings. Cole did well by the band however he was nothing but a low life bully. When he would comment about some of the darker moments or rumors of the band he left it incomplete as to the story etc...just as I've done here myself
  8. Page is one of the greats per his studio work and production however Jimi Hendrix will always be considered the greatest guitar player. When you think how short Jimi's career was and the amount of hours he played each day, meaning this guy lived for the music. Blackmore is also another fantastic player and extremely prolific and the other who never got his was Rory Gallagher who was FANTASTIC
  9. Page first used a Les paul in 1965 during the session years however not the two rare 58 and 59 your use to seeing per the zeppelin years. He's had 2 Black Beauties during his career. Most of the Yardbirds were played with his Telecaster.
  10. I think after all the hype over Zeppelin getting together they thought lets play a straight away set of rock and roll and being older showing we still have it. Critics really gave zeppelin the nails into the box knocking their acoustic music and per live set so I'm sure they thought of this. Many zep numbers are long so adding Achilles was going to take up the 2 hour clock they had to work with. One of there longest sets were Boston Tea Party and a seattle show in Seattle where they played 4 hours and 12 minutes long. The bootlegs have never covered the 50s tracks they played and played
  11. That is not Plants kids on the cover of the Holy LP. I always liked zeppelin four's cover best. Kept it simple and great insert with Stairways lyrics. It was a great response from Page with no title on the original cover per critics knocking the name and the 3rd LPs cover. Page had said we can sell are music with no need to have a title on the LP
  12. Page used his early Danelectro in the studio with overdubs as he did in concert per the guitar used. There are a few Guitar mags where Page explains his use of setting on various tracks. However Page has always kept this type of information cloase to the vest. In other words he's never been one to talk too much regarding amp settings and such. Much that is out there are those guessing. Page also said most the tab books are in correct per tunings etc...
  13. Page already made it clear in an interview that he was to retire as an excentric englishman. However I think he should do a solo album as an instrumental based release.
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