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  1. This is the 'radio edit' I remember first hearing it. Think it was on the station Virgin1215, or something, *20 years* ago... and it still sounds amazing today!
  2. The snow is gone Now, it's everybody's favourite - rain!
  3. TheLastSpartan - hang on in there, and remember: no matter how dark it gets, never turn off the light. Ignore all the a**holes - & there's plenty of 'em! - and don't let the b*stards grind ya down Try not to look at it as "wasting years of your life", rather, the last couple of years didn't go the direction you wanted. After I graduated from University everybody got on my back about "wasting my Degree", "3 years' hard work wasted" because I wasn't getting the job they wanted me to get. That p*ssed me off and got me down
  4. Yeah, I've heard/seen a similar quote by Jimmy Something like "...and if the riffs are big with powerful chords, then that's one of mine" or words to that effect
  5. Does this mean Ralf and the guys end up playing their shows to an empty room??? And I've heard a new album is due out later in 2013...!
  6. Sky+'d something with Howard Goodall The man is a genius
  7. Nevermind and In Utero are in my list of 10 favourite albums ever. Kurt Cobain was a genius
  8. Good stuff! Jimmy's playing on that record is my all-time favourite. That, with Achilles Last Stand a close 2nd
  9. Jimmy's 2 solos on Since I've Been Loving You are my favourite ever
  10. I thought the Fhear a’ Bhata one was OK. You're a better singer than I am, and a lot braver for trying I'd like to hear your "melodies & lyrics" over this: http://www.allmusic.com/album/adult-themes-for-voice-mw0000186774 Keep working at it, and have fun!
  11. I'm wearing my white Pink Floyd The Wall T-shirt! I love that album as much as Dark Side of the Moon
  12. We got drunk and watched http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093437/ Man, life don't get much better
  13. And then somebody gets banned Last time it was ZepGuy, or something. It was actually pretty funny, he ended up ranting about Paul McCartney for some reason...
  14. Probably already posted this, but... Best cover ever - German band the BeatSteaks doing She's Lost Control, originally by Joy Division Better than the original!
  15. I don't celebrate Christmas But if you do, I hope you have a happy one!
  16. Thanks for posting this...! Loved the bit about Rolling Stone 'magazine'
  17. I found it both funny and sad at the time... The late, great John Henry Bonham
  18. Not bad My family is from Shanagolden in Co Limerick!
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