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  1. I always try to remember that although Ross and Jimmy are close friends, one cannot assume Ross' opinion mirror's Jimmy's. That being said, I agree with Ross' particular assessment of this situation. Sure, he could have said it more politely, but to me Jason should have let things go when the reunion didn't happen. Honoring his father is great, but basically trying to make it a pseudo official Zeppelin thing when all it is is a tribute band is wrong and it seems to me he is milking his father's name instead of resting on his own laurels. That being said, I am sure Jimmy doesn't mind the name dropping that Ross does. He probably appreciates the attention. He and Ross have been close friends for years and if he didn't like it, he would have most likely told Ross to stop it. Besides, I enjoy Ross' diaries as another way to see what Jimmy (and other artists that I like) are up to when things are quiet. And let's face it, things are a little quiet for Jimmy at the moment.
  2. Always been a KISS fan but Ace was always my favorite. Too bad the great Jimmy Page had to see KISS with a personal assistant turned guitarist instead of the man, Ace. To be fair, KISS still puts on a great show, but the guitar work isn't the same.
  3. Very nice, you are very lucky to have had the opportunity and did a fine job considering time constraints. I can't wait to see this film since it has 3 of my favorite guitarists in it!
  4. I really can't imagine an artist like Jimmy Page who has suddenly been infused with a second dose of life doing NOTHING at this point. So the 3 J's project is over, I would expect him to still try to somehow express himself creatively since he supposedly has all of these new ideas. I guess he will forever stand in the shadow of the Zeppelin.
  5. But Metallica and AC/DC both have proven themselves since their respective members died by both constant touring and good albums since. Not saying I do not agree but the argument could be made that Zeppelin has really not done anything except a single show since Bonham died.
  6. My two cents. KISS has it's ups and downs. It has one of the greatest Rock and Roll frontmen ever in Paul Stanley and one of the Greatist guitarists ever in Ace Frehley. In fact, I saw Ace play two nights ago at a venue near me in a solo show and now that he is clean and sober, he is playing better than he ever has. Can't say that for Jimmy sometimes, as much as I love him. KISS is and always will be one of the greatest Rock bands of all time. Right up there with Zeppelin. Sure Gene $immons is greedy as hell, but he is what he is, a great businessman who knows how to market his product. Love them or hate them, KISS has influenced at least as many bands as Zeppelin and Ace Frehley may very well be the most influential guitar player ever to get people to pick up a guitar (not to mention people playing Les Pauls). Zeppelin is no doubt more exotic in their musical explorations, but KISS is definitely one of the greatest Rock bands of all time and Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley (even though he has since left KISS) are definitely very talented and creative musicians. They may have dumbed down some of the music they wrote for KISS in the late 70's due to the style KISS was trying to acheive (bad move there) but their early KISS stuff and their solo work (including Paul's new solo album) show they are definitely kickass rock n roll legends who deserve a little more respect than they often get.
  7. Just want to say that I am not saying Metallica is the best choice or would even be considered. I am just saying as a huge fan of both bands, I could see it being done for a couple shows just like when Metallica opened for the Rolling Stones in '05.
  8. I think it would be a great idea. It worked well when Metallica opened for the Rolling Stones in 2005. And not only are Metallica huge Zeppelin fans, but apparently Jimmy is a bit of a Metallica fan. Well, at least he went to their show in London this past summer. I think both bands would definitely be interested to try it out for one or two shows if Zep do decide to tour more. (Remember, they have confirmed nothing, a lot of people are assuming they will.) Both bands would probably find newfound respect by playing in front of the other band's audience as well.
  9. I am sure Metallica will be there or at least Hetfield and Hammett. They are huge fans (Page is Hammett's idol along with Hendrix) not to mention that Jimmy went to Metallica's show in London this past summer so I would be willing to bet they will go see Zeppelin.
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