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  1. Thank you, Dallas, I am working on technique, now - I will study this, and am studying similar videos...
  2. He did the basic demo Mellotron part to the Rain Song when he composed that and the guitar parts to the Rain Song at home before bringing them to the studio - JPJ played the recorded version . So he does at least have enough keyboard skills to write music there... Jimmy's bootlegged piano piece is titled "Noxious" - parts of it later ended up in his music for Death Wish II... I guess the title refers to his own opinion of his abilities... I think that, though it is very simple and a little repetitive, it is indeed very pretty, and not at all noxious ! Here it is:
  3. I am fairly sure I have asperger's, too... and I have diagnosed sensory processing disorder as well... Welcome to the forum !
  4. I have often thought this might be the case; I sometimes do the same myself !
  5. What's so funny about a migraine ? I have them and I don't find them funny... I have seen this video and it is very clear what is going on... Jimmy actually says that he's getting a headache from having been on the airplane flight, and the subsequent scramble to get him water, and sunglasses - and to turn down the bright TV lights - makes it quite clear to me what kind of headache this is... poor Jimmy !
  6. One of my Lyrics & Melodies for Jimmy Page's Instrumentals is now on YouTube, for those who do not like to use ReverbNation... Here is the link... Fhear A'Bhata - YouTube The instrumentals and visuals were downloaded from YouTube*, and are, of course, Jimmy’s work and NOT mine. *Original video downloaded from the YouTube user jolietjake87 (Thank You !): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZT_S specific video:
  7. Happy 71st Birthday, Jimmy ! (a couple minutes late, I know…)
  8. I must admit I've been a bit shy about it - but I will try to have more discipline in the future - and, I hope, better takes to start with, now that I have learned that I must watch my pitch when I'm nervous...
  9. You know, I went back and checked with the closest thing that was suggested on here to what I did have in mind - a Fiona Apple song suggested by the poster "The Chase" in this thread: Could Page work with a female singer ? - Page 3 - Pre / Post-Zeppelin Forum - Led Zeppelin Official Forum and I realized that my voice must have jumped higher than I originally intended - probably out of nerves - I wondered where all the details I originally had in mind had gone...! Thanks, guys ! I will definitely try again, now ! (Pagesbow, your suggestion was right as to the scales I'm into (sort of Celtic, sort of modern classical), but I prefer a more hollow, unschooled tone - I cut my songwriting teeth on Suzanne Vega, actually... ) Now, does anyone have suggestions for studio equipment & techniques to get the sound I'm after ? I'm starting with an Apple MacBook Pro...
  10. I only posted comments from people who did listen...sometimes it is possible on ReverbNation to tell, if they have accounts there themselves. I admit it is possible they are all being sarcastic like Reswati - but it is hard to tell in print... (and I think whether you have posted people's comments affects your chart rank, too...the site expects you to post the good ones...). I think for now I'll keep practicing, and look up some of the singing hints I know are on YouTube... I've been thinking of doing that recently anyway, because I do tire faster than I like...I'd go on singing all day if I could... Thank you very much for listening - no sarcasm intended !
  11. Ok, I'll see what I can do to improve the singing (I'm really serious about my songs ) ... but look at my ReverbNation page at the comments section and tell me that isn't really weird (and disturbing).
  12. Then why the heck did you listen to my songs FIVE times ! Are you a masochist ?! (MR. TIME BOMB from OYSTER BAY, NY ! - And his name is really Louis, people ! - oh, did I blow your cover ?!... and - are you also CIRCUS LIBERTY MUSIC that told me "Thrown Down" is a really cool song.", too ?! And THE LOST SHALL FOLLOW (who claim to be from my local area) who told me "Amazing work"...?! ( I did think THE TIME BOMB looked familiar... did you really come up with all those disguises just to try to fool me ? I think you must be obsessed...and creepy ! ))
  13. I realize that the recording quality is poor - producing is not my forte I'm afraid... They are only intended to be demos, though... Since you asked, the feedback I'm getting at home is that my songs are "weird", whatever that means... However, there is one person on ReverbNation who says he likes my "unique voice"... Edited because I'm a very fussy writer !
  14. Now Available ! My New Demo of My Melody and Lyrics for Jimmy Page's "The One That Got Away" (the Theme from JimmyPage.com) !

  15. Now Available - (sorry for the delay... a month-long cold kept me from recording for a while...) - My Demo of My Melody & Lyrics For Jimmy Page's The One That Got Away (The Theme From JimmyPage.com)... *Important Disclaimer* - This demo is my Melody & Lyrics (incomplete (?) - the original instrumental may be, too... ) dubbed over the Jimmy Page guitar instrumental “The One That Got Away”. The instrumental part (downloaded from the Official Jimmy Page Site, jimmypage.com) is used on this recording for demonstration purposes ONLY. This demo is NOT an official Jimmy Page work. Kathleen Mary Parker Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
  16. if people had a problem with me, they could have put me on "ignore" instead of following my threads to harass me...

  17. Thank you to my 3 friends for being nice...it wasn't your fault, but after today I will be a voluntary read only member, so goodbye...and thanks again for being nice !

  18. He has, however, spoken about doing something no one would expect him to do... might my work fall in that category ?
  19. And I write songs and sing them - I've written Jimmy some lyrics & melodies using his recent instrumentals - so may I help, too ? Kathleen Mary Parker Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
  20. Corrected post below. (Had a little trouble learning to use the quoter ! )
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