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    I walk with one leg in the gutter
  1. Hi! Is there a picture of Larry ? I remember one from the 77 tour The one of Larry and satchel
  2. Happy Birthday, Larry!

  3. http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSMNZbw29NE9P3bYdM1lb9ZKf8QM8Qy_bxaXtI3kzgtggBheE4XKg Zeppelin played this thrust styled stage in Minneapolis in 1969. Torn down 2006.
  4. I seem to remember Nick Mason being asked weather it was true that Dark Side Of the Moon would start Playing in sync with Wizard of Oz at third MGM lion roar. He replied- Absoule rubbish. We used Gone With The Wind.
  5. "The Fighter" has a scene with the entire Good Times Bad Times song played over the action of the movie. I saw a trailer for an action flick with When The Leeve Breaks included. Seems that Zeppelins music has been purposely absent from film soundtracks forever. It works in the stuff I saw but surprising. How do you think there has been a change of heart- on releasing rights? I'm sure many film makers have been turned down in the past.
  6. It was Moon I believe who said This will go over like a lead balloon.
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