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  1. Happy Birthday, Larry!

  2. http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSMNZbw29NE9P3bYdM1lb9ZKf8QM8Qy_bxaXtI3kzgtggBheE4XKg Zeppelin played this thrust styled stage in Minneapolis in 1969. Torn down 2006.
  3. I seem to remember Nick Mason being asked weather it was true that Dark Side Of the Moon would start Playing in sync with Wizard of Oz at third MGM lion roar. He replied- Absoule rubbish. We used Gone With The Wind.
  4. "The Fighter" has a scene with the entire Good Times Bad Times song played over the action of the movie. I saw a trailer for an action flick with When The Leeve Breaks included. Seems that Zeppelins music has been purposely absent from film soundtracks forever. It works in the stuff I saw but surprising. How do you think there has been a change of heart- on releasing rights? I'm sure many film makers have been turned down in the past.
  5. Sounds like Aerosmith needs a new singer. Robert Plant?
  6. I do hope the DVD will have great production values. I think Plant said they did the whole Song Remains The Same with three cameras. I sometimes find it difficult these days to watch Thirty swooping cameras- nothing left for the imagination. Good extras and sound quaility might just make up for thou.
  7. The Everywhere shows- I thought Jimmy looked like an old lady. Sure didn;t play like one though.
  8. For what I remember- I had seen Outrider The Firm Plant Solo- and even a Zooma show. But when they payed The Song Remains The Same-it was almost to good for words. The energy of the Zep days, the double neck, the house lights came up- they had an aditional gutairist playing all those leads that you hear on the record-truly amazing.
  9. I saw shows on both of these tours. Just another amazing piece of the puzzle. Any thoughts about the polished unledded or the stripped down Clarkdale tours.
  10. Where does Bill Curbishly fit into the mix lately? Does he still manage these guys? It seems to me that he would be supportive creativally for a Zep reunion.
  11. Wondering about the set list lately. If they do Whole lotta Love, will they include the riff segment that orginally first heard at Knebworth, and played in 88. Or will they include the thermin segment, and boggie mama, ect. Very curious, I always liked their riff heavy segment-its so cool.
  12. I think that Jimmy has decided to go gray, because he is trying to show Robert that this is their last chance to do Zeppelin. If we dont do it now I ll be to old.http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//style_emoticons/default/blink.gif http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//style_emoti...fault/blink.gif
  13. Sounds like Davis is again cashing in Led Zep, pity. I also feel that Plant wouldnt give Davis or anyone he knows the time of day.
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