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  1. I saw it in Yonkers, the volume was low, we had to get the manager and have him tell the sound man to turn it up. He cranked it and all was well. Really nice seeing and hearing it on the big screen. The only bad part is......I'm ready to go on tour. Instead, the fckn Stones are touring. C'mon Zep, get out there and kick some ass all around the world.
  2. Nice Strider, I've been mashing and leaving the skins on forever. Tonight I'm cooking a meatloaf with mash and carrots. I'm from an Irish family, I have my grandmothers masher, to me it's the equivalent to having Jimmy's 59 Les Paul, or whatever year it was. That masher's been mashing potatoes since the 50's. Back then they made products to last, plus I always think of her when mashing. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to mash potatoes. Such a simple dish, yet many don't have the touch..cheers.
  3. I'm happy I don't live in Texas.
  4. Making phone calls trying to see Celebration Day tonight.
  5. I climbed up the side of Madison Square Garden to see The Who in '79 Also climbed up RFK stadium to see The Grateful Dead in '89
  6. I'm expecting to see Robert galloping in on a horse. :-)
  7. I see the sunset one and the road one.
  8. Anjin-San...You have good taste in women. (there's probably a few punch lines in that statement) lol
  9. Who is this? She looks like my friends wife out in L.A.
  10. Who is that? ^^^^ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eye-Candy/392177074161360
  11. Chris Squire Ian Anderson or Gwen Stefani?
  12. Walk in the Sunshine--Grateful Dead
  13. Tangerine London or Paris?
  14. Marshall Les Paul or Fender?
  15. Roast chicken, mashed potatoes and corn.
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