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  1. Thanks for the heads up about FYE. They give you the pins with a purchase of Celebration Day. Now I'll give my Blu-Ray purchase from amazon as a Christmas gift. :-)
  2. Bingo

    Sky Watch

    Similar to the video above, except it goes back to 10 to the -16. (you can start the video at 5:50 to get to the negative powers of 10}
  3. You mean a Ding Dong goes into a Ho Ho and that's how Little Debbie got here. :-)
  4. I use to have very long hair for 20 years, I felt the vibes that some people would send off, mostly negative. When I cut my hair, some people I worked with didn't recognize me. I use to fck with them by changing my voice from a NY accent to a southern accent. It was amazing the difference in which I was treated . After pulling this routine for a few hours, I changed back to my normal voice and said "Hey asshole, it's me." The astonished looks were priceless. Also, for 20+ years I wear a Kafiya (Keffiyah) I've seen different spellings, for the first 10 or so years, no one said anything or pu
  5. jimi Hendrix-Little Wing Art by Josephine Wall
  6. Sold my kidney....I got the cheap seats, I'm up in the rafters. I think I have to bring my own oxygen supply. Maybe the lack of oxygen will enhance the experience. :-)
  7. http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/lalage-snow-we-are-the-not-dead
  8. I use to hang in The Sanctuary, saw a ton of bands there. I use to push a hack back then. I would double park my cab with the hazard lights on and chill out in there for an hour or so. Back then if you drove a cab, you could pretty much "park" anywhere with the hazards on. lol My favourite bar in NYC back then were three...Nightingales, Max Fish and The Mission in alphabet city. Carmelita's was a crazy Monday night club, 14th and either 3rd or 2nd. Save the Robots for after hours.
  9. Starfucker - Rolling Stones
  10. Nice shot, it would probably look nice in B&W as well, or less saturation/vibrancy. There's a lot you can do with that photograph. :-)
  11. Missed this one before, great colours and mist. I feel like Plant and that blonde chick from TSRTS should be walking into frame pretty soon.
  12. ...as well as coming from Breitbart.com. I believe the same people asking if any OWS people had any rolling papers, then saying after one guy produced them that the entire movement is a bunch of stoners. lol
  13. This one? Tell me what this link represents to you?
  14. The ten states with the highest percentage of college graduates all went to Obama. Nine of the ten states with the lowest percentage of college graduates (excluding Nevada) went to Romney.
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