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  1. another amazing video .....

    Similar to the video above, except it goes back to 10 to the -16.

    (you can start the video at 5:50 to get to the negative powers of 10}
  2. I use to have very long hair for 20 years, I felt the vibes that some people would send off, mostly negative. When I cut my hair, some people I worked with didn't recognize me. I use to fck with them by changing my voice from a NY accent to a southern accent. It was amazing the difference in which I was treated . After pulling this routine for a few hours, I changed back to my normal voice and said "Hey asshole, it's me." The astonished looks were priceless.

    Also, for 20+ years I wear a Kafiya (Keffiyah) I've seen different spellings, for the first 10 or so years, no one said anything or put out bad vibes, then 9/11 happened and I would get weird looks/vibes, especially in the subways.

    So try having long hair, sometimes a beard and wearing a Kafiya...I hit the trifecta of negative stereotypes. I cut my beard and hair, but still and always will wear a Kafiya, they are very warm in the winter, the heavy ones and the thinner ones great to wear in the spring/fall.

  3. ^^^

    ebk, I'll PM you about the Barbra Streisand concert...I don't think there are enough Babs fans here to warrant me posting about it publicly.

    Did you take out a 2nd mortgage on the house? ;)

    Sold my kidney....I got the cheap seats, I'm up in the rafters. I think I have to bring my own oxygen supply. Maybe the lack of oxygen will enhance the experience. :-)

  4. I use to hang in The Sanctuary, saw a ton of bands there. I use to push a hack back then. I would double park my cab with the hazard lights on and chill out in there for an hour or so. Back then if you drove a cab, you could pretty much "park" anywhere with the hazards on. lol

    My favourite bar in NYC back then were three...Nightingales, Max Fish and The Mission in alphabet city. Carmelita's was a crazy Monday night club, 14th and either 3rd or 2nd.

    Save the Robots for after hours.

  5. scenery5.jpg

    Missed this one before, great colours and mist. I feel like Plant and that blonde chick from TSRTS should be walking into frame pretty soon.

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