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  1. You can equate it to overdubs in music. Why should Jimmy play guitar, if only to overdub parts later on? BTW, aren't you the one speaking of positive posts? You have misconceptions of photographers and what they do during the entire process of taking a photograph.
  2. Is someone from the NY Daily News a Led Head? Are they reading this forum? lol......Perfectly timed article on what we were just discussing. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/re-writing-history-altering-photos-photoshop-article-1.1092552
  3. Wow...an actual Stairway to Heaven. Where is that?
  4. ...and on the flip side, there will be many photographs you like just the way they're shot. The only person you have to please is yourself....just like music, do what you do and people will like your work for YOUR input.
  5. STOP that thought right now!!! Photographs have been manipulated since day one....you think Ansel Adams didn't manipulate in the dark room? ALL photographers manipulate their photos. PLUS, that's the second artistic side of a photograph, you can change that one photograph a million ways, dark sky, heavy colour, light sky, just one colour, blown out features, etc. etc. etc. Be proud of how you want your photograph to become. BUT, i know how you feel...I felt the same way in the beginning until you realize that's the beauty of art.
  6. If I were a bird, I would want to fly here.
  7. I love the colouring in this shot. Thank you Zepette. greenman, as usual, good stuff!
  8. I'm saying in general...but the first four posts on this page is obvious. I have no idea who any of these chicks are. I live in a bubble these days.
  9. Fake tits are a turnoff for me. Just saying.
  10. Thanks zepette, of course I tweaked the colours a little, but in my reality, the roof looks like that after a Grateful Dead concert. lol
  11. My photo was deleted...here you go.... Enjoying life to the fullest. My shadow, up on the roof.
  12. I had a Canon Powershot a few years back, it had a nice feature called "colour swap"....it would allow you to zoom in on a colour and then change that colour to whatever you wanted. I did quite a few of blue sky red. The above photos are from Chicago...the one below is Central Park NY
  13. I'd like to see these photographs. I wonder where they are and what the subject is?
  14. http://500px.com/framephotography
  15. Took this in my neighborhood today. The Bronx Zoo
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