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    Jimmy in the Big Apple

    Thanks fdm12, I'll be in the City Saturday, I'll have to stop by, hopefully they're open Saturday. I remember a few years ago being down there, I wasn't in the mood for waiting on a long line. Probably grabbed a quick shitty hot dog from a vendor near by.
  2. That is the PG building....also known for Peter Tosh, Mick Jagger and Keef sitting on the stoop for the Waiting On A Friend video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlhNGJDCYJA
  3. Bingo

    Jimmy in the Big Apple

    LOL, they should've titled a song Hamburger instead of Hot Dog.
  4. Bingo

    Jimmy in the Big Apple

    Which is better Shake Shack or Five Guys? I've been to neither.
  5. Bingo

    Jimmy in the Big Apple

    To me, it seems like Jimmy knows of this guy to be an ebay pimp. I'm curious to what Jimmy may have said to him, the sound is off most of the time and he seems to only include the sound where Jimmy says..."No Ebay autographs."
  6. Making phone calls trying to see Celebration Day tonight.
  7. Bingo

    Jimmy in the Big Apple

    Nice fdm12....word on the other side of the street is...He's having breakfast at Tiffany's tomorrow. I'll be here all week, please tip the bartenders.
  8. I climbed up the side of Madison Square Garden to see The Who in '79 Also climbed up RFK stadium to see The Grateful Dead in '89
  9. Bingo

    Jimmy in the Big Apple

    Word on the street is....he was at Joe Walsh show @ The Iridium.
  10. Ahhh, that's ok, I got the deluxe package, so it has the regular DVD as well. Thanks for the heads-up about xbox 360 not playing blu-rays. I thought it did.
  11. Celebration Day will be my first Blu-Ray DVD. My wife won an xbox at her job last week :-) I pre-ordered from Amazon.
  12. I'm hoping the World Series is NY v SF....Then the Giants sweep them. This coming from a Yankee fan who has been soured by the owners/front office. The new stadium is a joke, it's a mall which happens to have a baseball game being played in it. Baltimore's Camden Yards has a nice feel to it, as well as Wrigley. I LOVE Wrigley Field. I haven't been out west to experience SF's ballpark, but it looks like I would enjoy a game there. I live 4 miles from Yankee stadium and never ever dream of going there. I wouldn't give a dime of my money anymore to that organization, and one time I use to hav
  13. Thanks, if I win, they'll only have to pay me for the subway......I'll even let them slide on that. :-)
  14. Doesn't sound like it, according to the guy I spoke with tonight at The Ziegfeld. I still might go down to take some photographs, it'll probably be crazy down there.
  15. Thanks. I like the Zeppelin '73 shot. The one of Elton John in the city is priceless. Are you attending Celebration Day next Tuesday @ The Ziegfeld? http://www.ledzeppelin.com/news/2012/10/01/celebration-day-premieres-four-countries-announced I'm offering a free photo shoot to anyone who can get me in :-)
  16. Anyone in NYC have a connection for next Tuesday Oct 9th @ The Ziegfeld? I will happily donate a free family photo shoot for an in. Thank you. http://www.ledzeppel...tries-announced I live in NYC.
  17. I'm expecting to see Robert galloping in on a horse. :-)
  18. I see the sunset one and the road one.
  19. Bingo


    Oui, Si, Yes.
  20. Anjin-San...You have good taste in women. (there's probably a few punch lines in that statement) lol
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