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  1. Thanks fdm12, I'll be in the City Saturday, I'll have to stop by, hopefully they're open Saturday. I remember a few years ago being down there, I wasn't in the mood for waiting on a long line. Probably grabbed a quick shitty hot dog from a vendor near by.

  2. To me, it seems like Jimmy knows of this guy to be an ebay pimp. I'm curious to what Jimmy may have said to him, the sound is off most of the time and he seems to only include the sound where Jimmy says..."No Ebay autographs."

  3. I'm hoping the World Series is NY v SF....Then the Giants sweep them. This coming from a Yankee fan who has been soured by the owners/front office. The new stadium is a joke, it's a mall which happens to have a baseball game being played in it.

    Baltimore's Camden Yards has a nice feel to it, as well as Wrigley. I LOVE Wrigley Field. I haven't been out west to experience SF's ballpark, but it looks like I would enjoy a game there. I live 4 miles from Yankee stadium and never ever dream of going there. I wouldn't give a dime of my money anymore to that organization, and one time I use to have season tickets.

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