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  1. I used to have the Spiratone screw-on fisheye for my old Nikon. It worked pretty good but added a lot of weight as it was pretty heavy.

    It gave the full round 180* circle shot. Never tried a full frame fisheye.

    I always remember the fisheye shot in 'Easyrider' when they were in the cemetery.


    Funny you mention Easy Rider, that's what I was watching today inbetween posts.

  2. One advanatge of winter in the UK is I find that you don't always need to shoot in the "golden hour" to get that kind of effect with the clear skys and low level of the sun, that last pic was taken around mid day.

    Wow! Mid day and the shadows are that long??? Crazy. I'll rephrase my original statement, "You're a master of the golden hours"

  3. Motorcyclist's dream. :^)

    Hell, I'm an ex NYC and San Francisco cab driver....I would love to check out that road. I avoid motorcycles at all cost, probably one of the smartest decisions I made while on Earth. I don't worry about my skills, but others lack of skills.

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