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  1. It's not the "real" HDR which uses at least three different shots w/different exposures. It's done on one photo, so no tripod needed. Here's the link to the program I'm using. http://www.hdrsoft.com/

    Very nice photographs above, I especially like the middle one. Are the first two the same area but different sides of the hill?

    Here's some photos from yesterday I took at the NY Botanical Gardens. All have the HDR added to them.






  2. HDR is similar to Jimmy using the theremin. It's not the main instrument, but in the right time and place, it works. Using it all the time would be a bore. I to, was not a fan of HDR, but I think my analogy works. My short experience with it, I feel it works best with landscape/cityscape photos IMO. That's why I was very surprised at the results I got for the top B&W photo.

    I do enjoy using it in the right time and place. Again, IMO, it doesn't work with 85%-95% of the photos I take. There are quite a few photographs you have taken where it would give the photo a different feel and look. I enjoy your work.

  3. HDR is funny, some photos I think it might help, actually hurt it. It's a crap shoot, although I've only been using it for about a week. The B&W at the top is also HDR, that photo I didn't think HDR would help, and to my surprise it did.

    Do you have experience/use HDR?

  4. Zepette, He was walking by, I take a lot of photographs in NYC of people walking by. I try to catch them on the side of the frame opposed to centering them. Like I did with these two at Occupy Wall St a few weeks ago.



  5. I took these photos while a magazine photo shoot was happening in Central Park NYC. (opps, sorry, I already post the first photo before)


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