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  1. http://www.forbes.com/sites/robasghar/2014/06/25/stairway-to-litigation-led-zeppelin-apple-and-the-curse-of-the-copyright-wars/ Theft By Led Zeppelin And Apple? No, Just Innovation Comment Now Following Comments A few years ago, Jethro Tull front-man Ian Anderson acknowledgedthat his band and the Eagles had toured together in the early 1970s, and that it may be no coincidence that the Eagles’ “Hotel California” bore a resemblance to his band’s song “We Used to Know.” Discussing the similarities between his forgotten song and the Eagles’ mega-selling song, Anderse
  2. It's not that simple. He was part of the effort to reunite in '86 in the secret sessions in Bath with Tony Thompson, till Thompson's serious car wreck made them all decide that maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
  3. I agree. I used to bellyache about how Plant needed to just stop being snobbish and reunite with JP and JPJ. Later I realized that the Zeppelin mystique has grown over time because Plant won't overexpose the band or maximize the group's commercial value. Compare that to the Who (which I love almost as much as Zeppelin, even though Townshend looks down his nose at his rivals). The Who's mystique has declined sine the "farewell" tour that I attended in 1982, thanks to the constant comeback tours and selling so many of their hits to TV shows and car companies, and their much-ridiculed Super B
  4. Thank you for making some terrific points, Janvier. It sounds like you've had great experiences as a journalist. And while journalism is a great and exciting and noble profession, it's certainly never been a good fit for someone intent on making lots of money -- especially today, when the Internet has allowed so many more writers to join the conversation for little or no money. Honestly, I think of myself as only marginally a journalist. I don't believe that those of us (like Cookie and me) who are unpaid contributors to Forbes or to the Huffington Post are really beholden to classic jou
  5. Thanks much for the heads-up, I've alerted them. Do you have a twitter account or website you could share? I suspect I could learn a lot from you. Thanks.
  6. LivingLovingHearbreaker, if he's made fun of your writing, you can needle him about using the term "vast pace" in this thread. You can have a "vast space" or a "fast pace," but you can't have a "vast pace." Cookie, this thread was a tribute to Robert Plant. But you're just dick-measuring now, and yet you seem to be admitting that you're contributing to the journalism problem that you bemoan. Well, if you'd like to discuss it offline, I'd love to hear more about your contributions to journalism and your concerns regarding it, and to offer my own thoughts. Please reach out to me at rob
  7. (Sigh) Cookie, if you yourself do the journalistic thing, you'd google me and see that I have journalistic, academic and scholarly credentials that outweigh those of the typical general-interest columnist in your supposed golden age of journalism. Forbes has greater readership and more revenue than ever with its new staff-and-contributor model, FYI. I also make more money for my writing than 99% of journalists. Most of it is ghostwriting for university presidents and top executives. I appreciate Forbes and the Huffington Post as occasional outlets to do my own writing -- and, yes, to occ
  8. A fair enough perspective, thank you, ScarletMacaw.
  9. Thanks very much, Super Dave. That's really interesting about Aykroyd. Plant seemed to say, right after he started his solo career, that he was hell bent on not following the model of his idol Elvis -- putting on weight and mailing in some performances in Vegas. He's stayed true to that, even with all the $ and glory that could've come his way. I give Jagger a ton of credit for how well he's able to do his thing, on the verge of turning 70. It's amazing. But it's still closer to the Late Elvis model than to the Plant model. Not everyone has to do it Plant's way, but Plant's way sh
  10. Melcore, the link between Plant and leaders and public figures is that all of them, at some level, are driven by a need for attention -- to get girls, to get money, to get fame, and so on. It's common, in the field of management, to see leaders who hang on to long -- again, Joe Paterno is the exemplar. He needed the adulation of Penn State loyalists and he resisted many attempts by the governing board to get him to retire. That ego got out of hand, and most people believe it had a little something to do with an 80-year-old legend just didn't have the energy, courage or judgment to deal with
  11. Thanks, Cookie. I'm not paid by Forbes, I'm just an unpaid contributor who gets to offer career advice and management advice in a conversational way that gradually helps my own writing and consulting brand. I decided to do this piece out of my lifelong love for Zeppelin. You're right, the state of journalism and publishing has changed a lot because people like me are willing to do this stuff for free. But to pass up the chance to tie some of these issues to what one of my heroes is out there doing? Nah....
  12. Thanks, Sagittarius, CLW, PlanetPage and everyone else. I'll admit that, for years, I was bitter about how Plant seemed to think he was too good to reunite with Page and Jones. Only now, as I watch how he handles his Zeppelin legacy with grace and with a forward-looking style, do I realize that he actually added to the Zeppelin legacy by not taking the "milk them for every last dollar" approach that other rock legends did.
  13. Think positive! And thanks for the kind words!
  14. Here's a Forbes.com piece I wrote this morning about Robert Plant, and how he could be a model for most CEOs, celebrities and leaders.....
  15. I very much agree. I used to be ticked at how Plant wouldn't let the group reconvene. Now I respect it, and I get puzzled why he himself keeps letting the door slightly ajar for some kind of reunion with the "Capricorns."
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