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  1. I recently got close (to my ears) by using an overdrive pedal into my wah-wah pedal leaning toward the treble side. I kind of had to play around with it and not move my foot at all. Page probably had a better way to do it.
  2. While I wouldn't call them rubbish, I do find the Companion Audio to be very disappointing. Like OP said, and I have said similar many times in the last thirteen months, most of the tracks are just the masters we know with a slightly different mix (tambourine higher), fewer overdubs, or a missing vocal. When these remasters were announced, and it was said we would get unreleased material, I was expecting alternative takes, demos/song sketches, outtakes... something akin to The Beatles Anthology. I agree with The Old Hermit, I wish Page hadn't been so hardliner on not released already bootlegged material. I would have been totally ok with material that has been bootlegged if it were clean, clear, and coming from master or early-generation tapes. It angers me when Page says the vaults are empty and there's nothing left. We Zep heads know there's more! Page was getting there with the alternate SIBLY, In The Light (both alt. versions), Bring It on Home, and India recordings, but he really dropped the ball. Not a good way to close the Zeppelin vaults.
  3. Original LZ III version first, TSRTS version comes second. If the Companion audio version is included, I would pick that as #2 but its similarity to the album master may disqualify it in some people's eyes.
  4. Achille's Last Stand, at least half of ITTOD, Darlene, and Poor Tom.
  5. Just came across a project that made me think of this thread. I won't provide the link as this is the official LZ forum and it's not cool to publish links for "bootleg" material. It is a re-edit of TSRTS that removes the fantasy sequences, cut-aways to backstage conversations, and fills in footage gaps with footage from the LZ/HTWWW DVD and other sources. Other changes include putting the songs in their true running order and (somehow) including Heartbreaker in its entirety. Of the two reviews for it, both praise the new cut as wonderful. Interesting.
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