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  1. Old Shep

    Sky Watch

    For most of us, it would probably be Game Over. Only the cockroaches would survive. So you have nothing to worry about.
  2. Oh, so this is the 'Random Threats' thread now, is it? Interesting development. At 8.05, you emailed me suggesting I 'just let it go'. Then 17 mins later, you post this. How very confusing it must be inside that head of yours. Stay classy.
  3. No, I hate it. I have only cooked it twice. The second time was only to check that it really was that bad.
  4. His profile is lower these days, but I suppose he's still revered & adored by anyone who ever did. Personally, I can't say I've been overly keen on any of his albums since ...Hours, but I will never abandon him because he's the greatest musical talent of my lifetime.
  5. Well I have to say you look a lot better for it. Old StyleO looked like a volume dealer out of Miami Vice. Now you look like Flea on steroids.
  6. Maybe my wife's got a surprise party planned? If not, she'll do. Her, and the yellow & greens
  7. Wondering what to do to make my 1,000th post extra special...
  8. ^ If he's seen your mullet shots Typo, he will presumably dismiss your response on the basis that you're a sell-out, and a TRAITOR.
  9. haha yeah, Le Saux was such a ponce.
  10. The trouble I have with steaming is I always forget about things, and they end up getting overdone. This year I boiled them for about 2mins (cut into halves) and then stir-fried them with the chestnuts & pre-fried chorizo for another minute or two.
  11. Excellent! Hope he didn't hoover up any ants...
  12. Krankies, of course! That Janette's pretty hot. Give me TWO weeks! Coldplay, or a rectal examination?
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