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  1. For most of us, it would probably be Game Over. Only the cockroaches would survive. So you have nothing to worry about.
  2. No, I hate it. I have only cooked it twice. The second time was only to check that it really was that bad.
  3. The trouble I have with steaming is I always forget about things, and they end up getting overdone. This year I boiled them for about 2mins (cut into halves) and then stir-fried them with the chestnuts & pre-fried chorizo for another minute or two.
  4. Krankies, of course! That Janette's pretty hot. Give me TWO weeks! Coldplay, or a rectal examination?
  5. I never knew they were a winter-only crop, although thinking about it I've never really noticed them at other times. Then again, I've never really looked for them. But I particularly enjoyed them this year, so I might get some more in for the weekend roast. Just naked sprouts this time, no fancy stuff.
  6. A week anywhere. Coldplay, or a week in bed with Tulisa?
  7. I did them with chorizo this year, but it was a little too dominant. Still, they all got eaten. But back to pancetta next year, I think. Do you eat them during the year as well?
  8. With the possible exception of Lucifer Rising, ITTOD is the nadir of JP's career, IMO.
  9. Don't understand all the hate for sprouts. Maybe all your Mummies over-cooked them for you? The are fine al dente. Also, they should be cut in half before cooking. Or even quartered.
  10. I'd take a week in Mogadishu over Coldplay Coldplay or or Gangnam Style?
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