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  1. Its the 39 (9 is backwards) on the minute hand, on the 1st CD itself
  2. You could tell Plant has ghosts in the closet from the Zep days. Maybe not over the group itself but over the music industry as a whole from the end of that era. Look at what the industry has done to music today. No wonder why he just wants to continue 'doing his thing'. Probably why 'For Your Life' made it into the setlist. Ahmet was more than a record label owner, he was a visionary and along with Page, Plant,Jones and Grant- they made something happen that was a once in a history thing- purposely. Thats why he says Atlantic WAS the best record label ON THE PLANET.
  3. Mystically to my now 21 year old son (pictured at 16 years old)
  4. Whats with the 10:12 and 12:10 on the clocks on the CD cover? What about the 39 on the 1st CD?
  5. whats with the 10:12 and the 12:10 on the CD/DVD cover

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