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  1. It's not a very exciting story, Old Shep. But I will say this, my ear on the other side of my face was buzzin'! And then I was later tripped and fell on my knees! Feelin' like a real old man right now, I am. haha
  2. I haven't ate today! hah! What will I be eating..I'll make my way around a prime rib sandwich later on..
  3. It's crazy that the kid from A Bronx Tale is serving a prison sentence for killing a cop... Ha! GoodFellas is a must own movie.
  4. Yes, we both enjoyed it. The prime rib was tender and juicy. By the time the end of the night came, the wife was totally stuffed, haha. + For lunch: a fried egg sandwich.
  5. ^ Sounds good, Old Shep. I take it stuffing is a popular item around your home? For Christmas dinner tonight: prime rib, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, potato bread rolls and carrot cake for dessert.
  6. JimmyPage.com said these On This Day's were crafted by the man himself. Are you calling JimmyPage.com a liar?
  7. One filet of fried catish, three hushpuppies, french fries, and regrettably, NOT Thai stick, haha.
  8. What AREN'T I eating? A beautiful shrimp cocktail ring which is off limits 'til the big day. Having some brie instead.
  9. That's no good, Old Shep. Though you're not alone, just bought two new tires myself on Tuesday. About $240 but it's better than losing a tire on the highway.
  10. Some fucking asshole dented my car! The most irratating thing about it is, I just had a good deal of body work done not even 8 months ago and now a huge fucking dent in the very spot that warranted the work. Son of a bitch. You can't keep anything nice, really, it's the truth. The first day I brought my car home from getting painted, a car ahead of me, a brand new piece of shit Ford sports car's muffler FELL OFF and flew into my hood leaving two huge gashes! Ugh, shit.
  11. Are you sure, Joe (Liverpool)? haha! lol
  12. scythe

    Sky Watch

    No it wasn't that far away. It was spherical.
  13. I got the idea for this poll from another thread. They're not my cup of tea but they do have a huge following. I mean, it is a big deal when they name ice cream after you! haha. Just wondering if people who are into Led Zeppelin are also into The Grateful Dead.
  14. scythe

    Sky Watch

    ...seen something weird in the sky the other day. It was still daylight and I looked out my window and saw a bright light moving slowly through the sky. I watched it for a couple minutes and watched it vanish into thin air. Weird, man. haha
  15. Laughter, good company, cold weather, Crown Royal Black.
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