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  1. for me it was during the interval and i saw the amp with zoso on it.i texted my good lady wife to tell her i could see it and she replied "stay calm"because she was worried i might have a seizure.
  2. i did the original ballot entry-nothing.i entered every competition i could find including planet rocks lowest bid comp maybe 600 times-time was running out-i had to be there-i cracked and went to e bay my wife couldnt believe it when i entered a bid of 625 pounds for a ticket that wasnt enough.that was saturday night. sunday morning 8am i got to the o2 with my sign "lifelong fan needs ticket"security said "you cant do that this is private property"a guy from new jersey had a spare i offered 300 but a guy from toronto gave him 450.i walked near the car park saw a guy talking to the security
  3. yes thank you guys from when i first borrowed my brothers copy of led zep 1 in 1970 from along haired 16 year old stumbling out of earls court in may 75 from countless hours in the bedroom mum shouting"Turn that down" to meeting greg from florida outside the O2 who wanted to give a real fan his spare ticket for FACE VALUE! to last night crying 3 times(with happiness) thank you
  4. hi everyone this is my first post.yes i was slightly disappointed at the lack of a medley during WLL if i remember right(lot of beer afterwards)the john lee hooker bit was all we got and it was a very short burst.but thats a tiny tiny gripe honest
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